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    Simple Hawthorns, tied on a size 12 Partridge SDD2, Andrews Black and Claret Scruffy Dubbing tweaked with peacock and rainbow spectre body, CDC wing, Whiting Bronze Grade Black Hackle and Black pheasant Tail Legs noting only 4 legs rather than 6 otherwise the fly gets too congested and...
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    Brown hen hackle?

    The best hen capes I've used are the Lakeland Whiting Exclusive Hen Capes followed by the Metz Grade 1 hen capes. they aren't cheap at around £24 each however the Lakeland exclusive hen capes give superb quality feathers and a high percentage of the cape is useable for standard wet patterns from...
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    Mayfly Klinkhammer

    Iain I haven't been out this year, the rivers have been flooded all month and with lockdown restrictions in Wales March and April were out of the window. I have a week off next week so hope to get out soon.
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    Mayfly Klinkhammer

    Mayfly Klink tied on Partridge Klinkhammer 14, Superfine Mayfly Dubbing, Fluoro Pink Tiemco Aeorowing Post, Peacock Herl Thorax and Whiting High and Dry Olive Grizzle Hackle
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    Play with a mayfly emerger

    Very nice Matt.
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    What did you tie today?

    Last night I tied some Bloodworm epoxy buzzers on a size 12 Fulling Mill black nickel nymph hook. UTC Ultra yellow/olive 70 thread, Hends 0.14 red wire and an antron breather. They were tied for myself and as part of a box for a friend who has just taken up fly fishing to set him off on the...
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    Allen USA Trout II Reel 5/6 New and unused

    SOLD As per title, superb reel sells at $139 direct from Allen Trout in USA regarded as one of the best value trout reels in USA, (see reviews on web site). £85 delivered SOLD SOLD
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    Umpqua Ledges 500 ZS Waist Pack

    SOLD As new condition only used twice. Quality waist pack for travelling light. £45 delivered SOLD
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    Substitute partridge Jingler

    The Welsh Rivers are probably about perfect for fly fishing at the moment, however with travel restrictions and lockdown it's going to be a while before I can make it across the border to fish the Usk or Taff. One of my favourite flies for this time of the is the March Brown Jingler, putting it...
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    Maxcatch Backpack/Vest New and unused

    As per title, basically a Fishpond copy. Bought for a friend who lives abroad for a trip to USA which was cancelled and is on hold for this year. It's the Maxcatch top of the range model which sells on ebay for £67 £46 delivered.
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    MRA Auction XIV Lot 10: An Usk Evening for 2 Rods with Liam Walsh

    Can't believe nobody has bid on this £50 to kick it off
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    flies I always need

    Jay/Iain, I have to agree, with Appleby Olive being superb. Tied on a size 16 Demmon Competition G602BL hook. A John Harris, Ade Nash and one of my own personal favourites.
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    MRA Auction XIV Lot 36: A Box of Flies Tied by Dave Britain

    The flies above are typical of some of the flies which will be included in the box, with some of the actual flies included in the box below, Dries and nymphs vary from size 20 to 10 which are the Mayflies. All barbless using premium hooks, saddles and materials. Most are small flies typical of...
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    Orvis Clearwater Felt sole boots size 9 brand new unworn with tungsten studs

    SOLD As per description, never worn felt soles with Orvis Tungsten studs. The Orvis size is size 9 therefore the UK size is a 8. Reason for selling is because I bought a different brand with interchangeable rubber and felt soles for a trip abroad. £90 delivered. SOLD