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    Klinkhammer Hackle Recommendations

    I tend to use Whiting bronze grade or the high and dry saddles which are excellent. Not cheap but very little waste. try and see the cape before purchase or speak to the retailer as some are perfect for 16's with some 18's and 14's and other are more suitable for 14's with some 16's and 12's...
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    A few from this morning.

    Klinkhammer tied on Hends BL550 size 16 hook, dubbing hends light olive hare No 10, peacock herl thorax, hackle whiting furnace bronze grade, head finished off with Troutline hybrid pepper squirrel hybrid dubbing. And The in-vogue "Bionic AntT tied on size 14 Partridge dry fly, wing Tiemco...
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    Clarke’s Madam XXL

    Very nice Scott. I'll tie a few of those in different incarnations for when it's eventually safe to travel and we can come on holiday. Unfortunately this years trip booked in Colorado has had to be cancelled. Hopefully it'll be a better situation come next year.
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    Scierra SRX Competition Rod Review

    Nice review Rob. I've had a couple of Scierra rods and can't fault them as they offer superb value for money. My go to 7# is the 9ft 6in Scierra Surge which was their premium rod sold off for around £129 by Uttings. Alps reel seat, super slim fast recovering blank and very well finished. I...
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    Vision Hopper Gummi, studs?

    I use the Orvis/Snowbee/ Vision tungsten studs in vibram, (the studs are the same). Tried other studs but for me these are far superior and offer the best compromise over felt.
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    Hardy Ultralite fw dd reels

    I have two of them and think they are superb river reels with ultralight drags for fishing light leaders. I wouldn't recommend them for still waters as the drags are light however you can always apply pressure to the rim of the spool if the drag isn't up to it. The 3000 takes a 4# and around...
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    What made you start flyfishing?

    I took it up as a diversion to match fishing in the 90's when they cancelled a Wednesday night series. My best mate and I bought a fly rod and line and every Wednesday night we went fly fishing and occasionally on a weekend.
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    Achtung Ants!

    I was catching on the River Avon on them two weeks ago. I couldn't work out what they were taking, thinking the fish were taking midge, then a bigger fly came down and I scooped it out and bingo it was a flying ant and that was it sorted.
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    I bought some Maxcatch leaders a while ago following a post on here recommending them. They are ok but I feel that the Leeda profile leaders are better and that the Hardy co-polymer leaders are far superior to both.
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    Size 14 cahill buzzer

    Very nice (y)
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    So what is my dog trying to tell me?

    JR are you sure she wasn't trying to persuade me to buy the latest Helios :ROFLMAO:
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    So what is my dog trying to tell me?

    Like anything else when you get a puppy they are always up to mischief. Photo snapped by my daughter when my wife was tidying up, quick as a flash the dog had grabbed the magazine and was off. The look says it all and captures the moment beautifully :ROFLMAO:
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    Recent dries

    Very nice I particularly like the foam backed olive (y)
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    sinking the tippet with pva?

    Size 10 stotz with be fine however a better option would be Guru micro cubed shot which will be fine for tippet from 0.10 to 0.20 dia which is about 8lb low dia.
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    sinking the tippet with pva?

    If you want to sink the tippet put a No 10 stotz on the line 6ins behind the fly, (it's like a square split shot but they stay on the line better). It'll weigh less than a decent sized hook and will sink the first 18ins quickly and the fly will hold it up. It's called back shotting and is what...