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    Moth I.D.

    It was a bit quick at times to get a shot of him so we cracked the egg into a saucer to slow him down a bit. Plus one in the garden.
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    Moth I.D.

    The best bit of wild life I saw in Gairloch was Pine Martin. It used to come to the window of the cottage we were in, obviously used to getting fed there. We put out a Chickens egg out for it, great.
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    Moth I.D.

    Thanks guys perhaps I shall just stick to ( a moth ) it would be nice to it in all its` finery, might take a lot of the guess work out of it. :) Dave
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    Moth I.D.

    I think I will stick to your first suggestion. There was not a lot of colouration on it and I think the Thorax might have been the wrong colour as well for the Hornet Moth. Also the Antennae were not Black. Thankyou all the same kind sir.
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    Moth I.D.

    Many thanks for that, looks as if you could be on the money with that one.
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    Moth I.D.

    Is this a moth and if so anyone know which one please ??
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    Is that a Damsel imitating a Snake ??????? :unsure::rolleyes:
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    Sunray Lines

    I think I might leave that alone then. Thanks for the read.
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    Sunray Lines

    Has anybody tried the Sunray Proline ? Lots of good reviews on their site but would still like to hear from folks on here if possible. Thinking of getting a new line.
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    Lake fishing for trout tips welcome pls!

    I suggest you look at the diagram again from Ian 1104. It sounds as if you tied it all wrong. The flies go first then the bubble float on the end of the line, no wonder you were getting tangles if you put the float before the flies.
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    Fishing in England to resume on May 13th

    First I have to get off the Isle of Wight. :(
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    March 2020 caption competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Are you sure this is a Tiger Trout and not a Tiger Shark.
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    New look Trout & Salmon

    Is it £3.80 though. Looking at the subs page it says £55.80 for a one off payment or £ 50 for an auto re- subscribe. But at £3.80 for 13 copies it works out at £49.40 ! What am I missing here please.
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    BEYOND THE BRIDGE: A celebration of a year on my home river.

    What a privilege to watch such a lovely film with no narrative, just the soothing music and fantastic scenery. Many thanks for that, shall watch it a few more times I think. Dave
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    Trout Fisherman Magazine

    Seems as both Jeff and Russell are both leaving. Dave