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    Clyde style.

    Simple and deadly, a great combination.
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    Another tying video. UV Fluff cat....

    Thanks for that video, greatly appreciated.
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    Grey Monkey

    Classy looking fly.
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    My god Danny La Rue lives! Bet that’s got plenty of movement.
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    Sawada’s Rio Grande King (variation)

    Stunning looking fly.
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    Reminiscent of a Tabory Snake, I think I’ll copy that for use in the salt. Cheers
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    Fly stolen !

    My lawn regularly has shiny nuts, glass and other shiny fragments deposited on it, it took a few hours to figure out the culprits, again magpies of course!
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    Muddled Klympen (variation)

    What a lovely technique, thanks for sharing.
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    Jingler varient

    Very ghost like
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    Caddis pupa type thing......

    Really buggy, lovely and scruffy
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    McBrien’s DKS (Don King Squirrel)

    I’m really appreciating your recent ties, please keep them coming.
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    A few trout sized salmon doubles

    Love the second one (y)
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    Avoiding tennis elbow

    I use similar ones for work and they’re brilliant.
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    Avoiding tennis elbow

    Absolutely correct, but you’ll find that pain in both tennis and golfers elbow can be drastically reduced if the forearm muscles are re-educated and relaxed. Both are invariably caused by rsi and using a fly rod in a relaxed manner can help relieve symptoms too.