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    Ballo Resevoir Fife

    Thanks Matty, thats perfect mate. Davie
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    Ballo Resevoir Fife

    Has anyone fished the Ballo this season? Does it have a website/contact details? Thanks Davie
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    Gartmorn closed for 2012 by Argulus

    anyone know if the fishery is open again this season? Davie
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    Muddled dabbler [honeysuckle]

    Top fly!!!:thumbs:
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    why must all browns be returned?

    As said above. Take twice as long to grow so therefore much more expensive for a fishery to stock. Davie
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    scone game fair

    Is there any fly tying demos on at Scone?
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    they do still have 4 in stock guys....I liked it so much I even bought myself one:) Click on 'hen capes' then scroll down the main page until you reach 'whiting american hen neck' then I think its 'black laced red' Davie
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    belly up trout

    Like most have said above. unhook in the net and then just let it swim off. If the fish is not ready to go I just support it underneath until its ready to go. Davie
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    lightweight [pine squirrel] buzzer

    is that just the pine squirrel dubbed on and then a rib over the top.....or is there some kind of hackle in there!?!? Davie
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    A couple of traditional (style) wets

    look spot on to me:D
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    fly fishing club...fife area?

    Hi guys,its more a 'club' as opposed to just a syndicate water as such. Along the lines of what mitchwell is talking about. I dont know a lot of people who fish and thought it would be a good way to learn from other anglers and also to try different places to fish as for location...anywhere in...
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    fly fishing club...fife area?

    As the title suggests.......looking to see what clubs are in the fife area and any contact details would be great.:confused: Davie
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    buzzers with glitter

    Im sure they'll catch fish.....and if not they look cool as:thumbs:
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    Easter Balado fishery

    I was there a few weeks back.....think it was about £15/£16 for 6 hour catch and release. Its normally open about 8 or just after. Davie
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    Wanted/yellow saddle

    Looking for a good yellow saddle if anyone has one or can point me in the right direction Davie