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    My Second Rod (Sage Dart)

    Nice one Ben. Looks very professional and as you know I rate these rods highly. I'm looking forward to christening my 176 Dart next week when the rivers open down here. The tube / sock were good value too!! Looking forward to reading your rod review once you have fished with it. Paul.
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    Brown Burl Rubber Mesh Scoop Landing Net

    For sale my 'Chalk Fly Fishing' brown burl landing net rrp £49 . For photo and description please open link below: I have only used it on a couple of occasions so in great condition. These have been out of stock now for months. £37...
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    Second rod

    It's funny you should mention a Vision Onki in a 10' #5 as I was just going to suggest this as a possibility - I've not tried one but I've only heard good reports on this rod. I personally don't think you will necessarily get more range from a 10' rod over a 9' - A lot is down to personal...
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    Latest effort.

    Very classy Simon - I think the whole build is a credit to you. I really like the maple burl reel seat. Paul
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    Norvise Auto Rewinding Bobbin

    I'm still looking for one of these if anyone has one they want to part with. Paul.
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    Which 9'6" #3 Blank?

    Hi Teme Fisher, my thoughts exactly, I really don't want to spend a fortune on my first blank, especially as I may not do it justice. 9'6" blanks seem to be hard to source for some reason. Hi Gary, I have messaged Mark at Taniwha rods but so far he hasn't got back to me. Paul.
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    Which 9'6" #3 Blank?

    I'm wanting to build my first rod and would like to see if anyone has any recommendations for a 9'6" (or 9'9") #3 four piece blank? The finished rod will be a river rod and I'm hoping might cope with dry fly / wet fly and nymphs. I like the idea of only carrying one rod to cover off all of my...
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    Current European Rod Building Suppliers Feb 2021

    Thanks for this thread Lewis. PS - I've sent you a PM. Paul.
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    A year without buying tackle?

    An interesting idea - I have bought a few rods / reels this year but have actually sold more in order to make these purchases. I now feel that all of the gear I now own is fit for purpose and so 2021 will also be a year where I use what gear I have and focus on the fishing rather than the...
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    Wanted Wading Staff

    Must be in VGC and the 'lockable' type (Simms / Fishpond etc.) - I have a Vision staff at present but am fed up playing tug of war with the elastic when the tip section gets jammed in between rocks or in soft mud. PM me if you have anything to offer. Paul
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    Which length Vision Onki

    9'0" #5 gets the vote from me too. Paul
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    Rod Tube

    I would like to thank Jason for contacting me via a PM and his generous offer for this Orvis rod tube - I'm really pleased and now have a decent tube to protect my cane rod. Paul
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    Rod Tube

    Thanks Rusty, I did try them a while ago they do a nice green plastic tube with chrome effect end-caps but unfortunately the postage was £19 for just the single plastic tube so I decided against it. If it had been something special like a leather tube I would have bitten the bullet and paid the...
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    Rod Tube

    Thanks Hardrar. Paul
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    Rod Tube

    I don't think Maxcatch do tubes in the length I require but thanks for the thought. Paul