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    Breathable waders, my arse.

    I've bought quite a few waders for projects and fishing from that firm, they're a little erratic re communication but they make tough, reliable waders and are good to deal with, I've used them for yonks. Destroyed so many on barbed wire etc. I have a standing free repair with them on the next...
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    Slinky Pinky

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    Washing Line

    A nice report there smallmouth, informative, interesting and embellished by some observations on nature, good one.
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    Goan, goan, goan....

    It's in the link
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    Llyn Coron

    The thick blue line...
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    Stock 20 got me £3.57 off an order of £23.79 today, not a bad price for a (silver ) 3 weight pre spooled eco reel and some 15 foot tapered leaders. The reels are very good vfm, I received a 7 weight model + line a week ago, can't fault it, this model looks a lot better than the older black...
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    Best tip from the forum

    I agree, the same applies to all the floatants I've used. Tissue paper is great for drying flies but it's not much good in rain, amadou in a leather holder is better in that scenario and far more robust generally.
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    Best tip from the forum

    Another day on the dries yesterday, checked the Aquel for slick in some flat water. There was bit of slick immediately after application but it doesn't last and is nowhere near as apparent as that from Gink.
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    Goan, goan, goan....

    I used to fish at Tony Curtis's lake at Alltyrodyn, he credited himself as the originator of the fly and used to post here as lakefisher -
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    Best tip from the forum

    Get some amadou, on a drift with rising fish in front of you changing flies is too much of a faff. I usually give the fly a rub on my shirt, press it in an amadou patch, give it a quick blow and put some floatant on and watch the fish ignore it.
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    Best tip from the forum

    Having nigh on dislocated my thumb extracting some Gink for the millionth time and losing half the contents in the process I acted on a tip from pati and got round to buying some Aquel. Well...
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    Autum internationals 2021

    Less than a month away and kicking off with Wales v New Zealand, the antidote to the end of the trout season. Amazon have bagged the tournament unfortunately, had hoped to watch it on S4C but it turns out 700,000 shunned Amazon and opted for the commentary in Welsh last year :ROFLMAO: Guess you...
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    A couple of blow ins

    Had another look , googled cinnamon sedge which turns out to be a generic term. Unfortunately the detail offered by my mobile isn't brilliant but going by wing pattern it looks like you're right, either Halesus digitatus or H. radiatus, both of which are known as capererers.
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    A couple of blow ins

    Cheers WP, not much in the way of online resources for identifying sedges or stoneflies.
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    The Libby app

    Downloaded it today, had a quick gander, after a couple of dead ends following suggested search terms I had a look for John Gierach and hey presto, eight audio books available for free. Worth a look, requires a library card -