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    2020 Euros

    No politics in this conversation, at least not from me - I loved Ireland under Charlton and Mc Carthy (version 1) - it spoke to me. Successive high-level mistakes, and even worse in my book not learning from them, in manager selection really turned me off. Kind of hard to feel enthusiasm for a...
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    2020 Euros

    my memory isn't lacking at all - I'm talking about the off-field attitude. No matter how awful the German team play, the Germans expect them to win tournaments. They will desert them pretty quickly if they are not winning - hence your empty hotel lounge - but the recriminations will be loud and...
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    2020 Euros

    played the little game the telegraph gives us - 17% of readers see England winning the Euros - triumph of hope over experience. I had them beaten by Holland in the semis (and beating Germany to get there)
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    2020 Euros

    That just shows how bankrupt English football has become - with that kind of money and playing talent the semis is the least one could expect. Most European nations are happy to make it to the quarter finals, the big ones expect to win.
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    in the same way frogs fanny is simply a toothpaste and building materials firmer
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    I have my eye on that, I need-want a travel rod but I just don't like 8' rods. And I don't feel like having 700 quid confiscated because I forgot or couldn't find out where/how to get a licence. Overrated: anything Japanese, especially C&F
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    A study made

    I guess the rod is there to help put the fly where the fish is. If you aren't hitting that spot then its useful to have something nice to look at and remember the thrill and terror of unpacking it and putting it together for the first time.
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    Join me in a minutes silence at 11am

    Buddhist monks will burn them in a special ceremony for you - it preserves the spirit of the hat and allows it to come back in another form to be with you.
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    Danielsson Reels

    The transport is a tricky one. Because the shipping is ordered and delivered in Sweden, the shipper has to charge VAT to Danielsson, who passes it onto you. The cost of the package, as evaluated by customs is the declared value (or their assessment of it if they open the package) + the declared...
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    Which weight rod should I use?

    A buddy of mine takes a 3# and snaps off the line when he catches one. It takes an age to bring in Big barbel on a 5#, I've done it on a 7# and its a days work, hardly fair on the fish. Its also a bummer if you miss the strike and catch a fin. Go for a 3# and bring mire nymphs.
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    Not another wader thread!

    Has anybody just used duct-tape on their seams?
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    Saint George's Day

    Wasn't St. George a Georgian? St. Patrick was Welsh. St. Andrew was Jewish only St. David was a local.
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    im buying a boat

    there is a technique for small boats - hold the bottle by the base nectkdown and break it over the boat - when you think the boat has had enough you can hold the bottle up and drink the rest yourself. done properly you can ensure that neither you nor the boat are over the limit but that the...
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    im buying a boat

    something more active "Dances with Waves" ?
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    im buying a boat

    Gray Ghost, Weimaraner, Gray Wulff, Once had a gray emerger with a red backside - can't remember the name