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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Have you tried ? Some videos on youtube.
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    QM1 Disgorger

    Keatons? Simple technique, simple tool. Specifically designed as a catch care aid for (greedy) smaller and juvenile Trout and Grayling (+ anything else) - works with beads (underpasses) also. See Keatons Youtube or try
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    Vest Essentials..

    Keatons? - had mine a couple of years. Don't see many about - perhaps it's not 'caught on' yet. Takes nothing to carry along and in the event of 'fiddly' hook holds especially with spaller fish speeds up release time no end. Try keatons Wild Trout. Youtube. or www.keatonscatchcare
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    Killer Patterns - Hit or Myth?

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    The Brightest Bulb or What?

    Found on Instagram - What thoughts?
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    Unhooking and De-Barbing

    Ooops! Should have said...... Try - or see Keatons YouTube.
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    Unhooking and De-Barbing

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    Best unhooking tool for small wild brownies

    Apologies. Should have posted