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    Spider patterns

    imo i think you get a nicer body with the floss it turns out a much finer and level bodyas opposed to the silk which is rather bumpy floss silk silk
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    little dark watchet 14

    thanks and i dont know about a yorkshire man but i did have it tuff ,lol
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    Spider patterns

    i have one floss in orange the rest are silk
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    little dark watchet 14

    size 14 body pearsalls orange floss touch dubbed with mole rib pearsalls purple silk hackle coot upperwing covert
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    Kites Imperial.

    i dont have any heron either and i would pick it up if i was lucky enough id wash it and freeze it and into a zip lock bag that said i do a usk nailer its got different materials but heh there easy to come by
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    dark moorgame 14

    thanks dave its my first time tying them is the colour about right its orange pearsalls waxed with verniards dubbing wax so it only darkened slightly
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    Hare and partridge

    thats a beuty philm
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    dark moorgame 14

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    14 orangepartridge

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    What have you been up to today then? (Fly fishing related)

    today well the day is young yet but im sure ill find something to tie .any how i meant to post this yesterday ,so i cleaned out the wardrobe and re vamped it using the wood that was already there so it cost nothing just labour now i have a tying station/room some where to social distance
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    size 12 kates muddler

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    olive may muddlers 12

    a few i did tonight
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    Proportions for Fly Tying

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    Fishing In Ireland - Guidelines

    i married her for her looks ,butNOT THE ONE SHE GIVES ME NOW
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    Fishing In Ireland - Guidelines

    NAH SHES A CORK WOMAN TOO, ITS JUST MY VOICE GETS HER , and she still complains if imnot ab out , figure that one out