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    Tungsten Jig Backs - Anyone used these?

    Superb looking wee nymphs
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    snowbee waldron vise

    Vise now sold. Thanks
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    snowbee waldron vise

    Snowbee Waldron tying vise with case and sight board/bobbin cradle. Used but in excellent condition. Looking for SOLD including postage. Dougie.
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    Wikie does catfish on the fly

    Superb stuff Alex. You're on fire mate :thumbs:
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    Articulated Pike Streamer

    Thanks guys. Keith, GAC now stock them.
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    Articulated Pike Streamer

    Thanks guys. Give it a go.
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    Articulated Pike Streamer

    Materials: Hook: Partridge Universal Predator X 2/0 Thread: UTC 140 fluo white Tail: Veniards white bucktail, white Icelandic sheep, white saddle hackles Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash Rear body: Veniards Tri-lobal holographic medium silver, Veniards white Schlappen, chartreuse and white marabou...
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    Weekends guided pike fishing with Micky Jones (ends 9/12/12)

    I've fished with Micky several times. The winner will have a great weekend in great hands.
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    Big Perch fly.

    You gave it a go then? Nicely done.;)
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    Here Pikey, Pikey.....

    Thanks guys. It's E.P fibers
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    Here Pikey, Pikey.....

    Just for fun....
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    Fancy roach pattern.

    ;) quality mate.
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    A few for the pike!

    Dan Blanton's whistler Munro, its not my pattern.
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    A few for the pike!

    Nice Euan. Look the part mate.