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    Peli case - reel cartridge holders for lid of box.

    Thanks a lot. I will contact him and see what he can do. Thanks for the info.
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    Peli case - reel cartridge holders for lid of box.

    Hi All Recently purchased a new peli case to kit out for next season as the one i have has been outgrown with an abundance of tackle 🤣 im just wondering would any of you guys be able to give me some advice as to who i could contact about getting the reel cartridge holders for the lid of the...
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    Will pop in Tommorow amd see if any left. Cheers 👍
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    Good reel for 11ft nymphmaniac rod?

    Hi have the vision nymphmaniac reel matched with 10ft nymphmaniac rod and highly rate it. I also use it with an 8ft sage one 2wt for dries also. Expensive but good quality. Carl
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    Buchanty Spout, leaping Salmon, Sea Trout.

    Fantastic pics. Thanks for posting!!! Carl
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    Brown trout or sea trout?

    Hi guys Thank you all for the opinions. The river is a tributary of the river liffey here in Dublin,ireland. Gets a small run of salmon and seatrout that leave the liffey system and head up whats called the rye river. No stocked fish in the system at all. I put the second picture of the...
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    Brown trout or sea trout?

    Hi guys, Attaching two images from early this season, first week of march, both fish caught within a cast of eachother. Both long and skinny and well spawned out. Attaching both fish for comparison. To me, one looks very much like a possible sea trout. Just wondering could any of you offer an...