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    Reel seat up or down locking?

    if this goes on much Longer I won't give a damn, easker1
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    Guess the water: A-Z

    super pics Col I managed Craggie :( easker1
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    so Coronavirus is closing fishing clubs

    I was driven on to the pave ment by a visitor who droveoff with 2 bikes on the back of his car, I have my bike in the shed, easker1
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    Cane rod reconditioning

    use fine webrax it doesn't leave emery residue, I found this out from French polishing in an earlier life easker1
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    so Coronavirus is closing fishing clubs

    our club has closed down as from yesterday, in response to Government Guide lines, easker1
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    Cane rod reconditioning

    nowt wrong with using varnish remover, beats scraping and sanding, but do it sparingly,then wipe it over with light solvent to remove the residue, I use webrax rather than wet and dry then I give a few coats of Danish oil to give a nice semi gloss finish, easker1
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    Curlews are back.

    couple of siskins on my feeders today, as I am locked in I sat in the garden and watched them while I had a cuppa, easker1
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    How do you get your fish home?

    there are no Farmed trout round here, and I live in a fishing community, so a Responsibly sourced Haddock is a decent substitute, easker 1
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    WBT in Llyn's, lakes. loughs and Loch's 2020 - that sort of thing!

    Our local Angling club has decided to close the local fishery So Gairloch fishings is now closed, easker1
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    Name the Stillwater

    Looks like one of the Loch Maree boats? easket1
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    Blithfield 2020

    isn't this contrary to the current Government Guide lines? easker1
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    Coronavirus and Trout Fishing

    No she is a Marianna, and works from San Francisco. easker1
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    Best flies for this time of year?

    that's not going to Happen:cautious:, Stay at Home is the Order,with a threat of enforcement easker1
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    Nightmare days fishing!

    After Boris's speech to night I would make the most of what you had, it looks like it will be a long time before you get out again, easker1
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    How do you get your fish home?

    it's a long time since I took a fish home, Lee wulff said Game fish are too valuable to be caught only once, I would rather eat a Haddock easker1:)