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    Bead-headed nymphs banging against rods

    My rods are far too valuable, I never use the things, easker1
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    Line Flash

    before Falkus wrote about false casting an early American Author wrote about it, something like "if you have to false cast more than twice, give it up and go home, Lefty Krehs water cast saves any false casting for me, I can usually get where I want to be in one( it's not that far really) easker1
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    Assynt in September

    3 weeks ago I could hear the sea , now all I hear is motor noise, including streams of Motor Bikes and sports cars "doing the North 500", usually there's a gradual build up , this time it happened almost Over night, I would be quite happy with out them, but then I don't rely on them for my...
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    What is the correct way to dapp????

    weren't those Shakeys made for sea fishing?although we had various rods at the hotel the guests took what they liked them selves, even a Hardys favourite fibatube salmon rod,easker1
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    Old roller type rod ring required

    is it a Boat rod or a beach caster? the Beach casters used to use a Ceramic top ring, easker1
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    What is the correct way to dapp????

    Greys made Dapping rods for the Loch Maree Hotel. but the early rods there were Whole cane with a built cane top,a lot of the clients used the Shakespear Telescopics,, easker1
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    How hard is gsp on bobbins?

    Deer hair Al but Carefully, easker1
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    How hard is gsp on bobbins?

    I started tying before Bobbins, I used to cut and wax a dozen 14 in lengths before starting then I got a bobbin holder I have Stonfo and a ceramic I use one with Kevlar and I have had no problems, easker1
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    Summer Trouting 0n Stillwaters

    we used to watch for the polarising light on the water, about pre dusk,a pal tied a fly for it,, a herl bodied spider with a fluorescent blue wool tail, works well in the half light as well,easker1
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    The Great Unwashed.

    Came across a suspicious Blue patch on the verge this was a big patch, could only have been Elsanol, it's OK as long as it's not near them, come up and crap on the North 500, Get your kicks and feed the ticks,easker1
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    Stripped plastic coating - Fly Line

    I repaired a similar Problem with PVC cement, Sheila Hassams Used to sell this as part of a line repair kit, I used to put it on and roll the line in a piece of Polythene not brilliant but very useable, I got my last cement in a Caravan & camping shop, easker1
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    For fecks sake..

    Orvis do good nippers at not a lot of money,easker1
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    He's Fallen in the Water,( High pitched Squeaky voice)

    Did mention that I also managed to lock my self out of the Car as well? easker1
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    Scottish Hill Loch Brown Trout

    MMM! what was that again? easker1
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    He's Fallen in the Water,( High pitched Squeaky voice)

    there were some people over the loch and one of the guys said did you fall in , that was almost a mile away, luckily they were almost sympathetic, easker1