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    Silver Invicta

    Nice one with the red butt, easker1
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    Claret bumble

    OOOH a claret Daddy? nice tie easker1
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    Loch box

    tight lines Terry, easker1
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    Loch box

    what 're you fishing for terry? trads work well for us , but nice ties eaker1
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    Youngs claret bumble

    could use a purple Zulu, easker1
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    Youngs claret bumble

    much prefer Kings mill moores claret bumble, but that one's nicely tied easker1
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    Obviously too much of a mouthful !

    in a taxi in Basra in the 60's one guy got a smack off this bug it must have been 4 inches long evidently a camel bug according to the driver, they are big enough to kill scorpions, the guy it hit hat a weal on his chest where it hit,we kept the windows shut after that, easker1
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    Horse Fly Patterns

    clegs usually breed in muddy banks not actually in the water, easker1
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    rod blanks from outside uk

    I buy my Blanks from Hi-Level, except one lot i bought from Sandy Nelson, easker1
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    Black mould and split ferrule: are this rod's days numbered...?

    I would wrap the ferrule with medium Copper wire and solder it, easker1
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    Under rated tackle and over rated tackle

    the Orvis Rockie Mountain Range of reels, ( I know They are BFR) a decent disc drag reel easker1
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    Paw Prints

    could be a future Lynx, not too far from Kielder and the Lynx is a big wish for some in that area, easker1
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    try it with a purple fore hackle, easker1
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    The Feather Mechanic book

    OEG was the Original rooster hackle, became genetics after a cross in with Yokohama birds, easker1
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    City otters

    our coastal otters are Crabbers but I have seen them in the past with an Octopus , and they take Lumpsuckers as well,but we also have Pine marten who are great hunters of just about anything,easker1