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  • Hi Ed, sorry to bother you m8, Pleased to see you got the rod etc sold. Ive check the tying gear and cant seem to find the ceramic bobbin holders , pease advise pal lol Bill
    awrite Edd, Thats me in Clydebank!!! not had a chance to get to a computer but still looking at going to howwood on tue if your interested. my fone number is 07528279200 if you want to txt or fone, thanks Iain
    Hello Mate,

    Use to be a member of fynnon taff, but havent fished for a couple of years

    Do you know if the books are closed for this season ?


    Hi Edd, didn't you have a Hardy CLS reel and spools for sale posted today? If so, please let me know if it's still available.


    If the rod is not already sold I would like to take it ... I can pay via paypal. As I live in Belgium I can take charge of the extra cost for sending the rod ...
    Best regards,
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