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    Fly Placement

    Always a wise man Jim:)
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    Tying Freebies for a newbie

    Great gesture Sir, good on you.:thumbs:
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    From what I can see here on US TV, looks like it may be an interesting season. First in a long time, hopefully. We are only going to get three live races here, so if it gets good, might have to spend some $ on a VPN to watch U.K. TV :thumbs:
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    3 word story poll.

    Firstly I apologise that I've not posted here in a while, more active on the US forum. This was a great idea at the time and some very funny remarks, however, it's probably run it's course:)
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    An olive from tonights vice

    Very classy Sir, thanks for posting:)
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    River Avon Linlithgow

    Drop a PM to aenoon (Bert) on here. He lives in Linlithgow and May be able to help
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    Worth a watch

    Not been on in a while, so apologies if this has been posted already. Found this on the North American Forum, great video, great characters and some of the one liners are classic enjoy. WHERE THE BIG FISH RISES, Part one Slovenia FULL MOVIE ( Fly fishing, Marble " MARMORATA " trout ) - YouTube
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    Fly Tying Area/Bombsite

    I promised myself that when I moved to a different country, I would tidy up. That has not happend. So my tying area is very similar;) Just in an other country:) Oh and the wife is still not happy with my organisation.:eek:
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    That'll work for sure :thumbs:
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    A few (more) Buzzers

    Nice collection there. Love the picture:thumbs:
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    Hi from Oxford

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy:)
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    December Caption Competition sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    I'm busy son, go tell your mother I'll be home for Christmas
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    For USA Residents

    It was posted on the US forum. FREE Book download on Amazon: Handbook of Hatches - The North American Fly Fishing Forum
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    New to Fly Fishing, Looking for advice!

    Good advice so far. I'm guessing if it's NY then you are off to the Catskills. US based or not, I would check out the US version of this board. There will be more local knowledge available if you let the guys know where you are going. Fly Fishing in the United States - The North American Fly...