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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Fished reservoir today. Felt like 30mph wind. An enjoyable enough day though, with 3 small trout. I was slightly p#ssed off with evidence of people camping recently and another two tents today. I'm just hoping that the word doesn't get out amongst the 'wild camping' community - That would...
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    Best fish of day.LOM 11/6

    Wit a stoater! At least you were well prepared with a good sized net! Douglas
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    Your opinions on this?

    I do consider myself to be very lucky! How long they will remain unspoilt for? Who knows. Douglas
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    Your opinions on this?

    I'd prefer a fat 8'' burn trout from a totally unspoilt water! Douglas
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    Lake of Menteith yesterday...

    Looks like you had a great day. I was a member of a stillwater fishery for some 5 years - Portmore Fishery - Alders were one of the main resident flies. I can say, that I have watched plenty struggling on the water, but I have never seen any being taken by a bow. The conclusion in the 'hut'...
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Hi Scotty, Yes, there are several pools in one of the streams that I fish, which lend themselves to downstream dry, and there is other methods which I use to combat a downstream wind. But, being set in my ways, I still prefer fishing a dry upstream. You can't teach an old dog new tricks and...
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Hi Scotty, The streams that I tend to fish - run from West to East, and so does the wind as off late - which means fishing a dry fly upstream is very difficult - I'm sure a better stamp of angler would overcome this, but I like to take the easy way out and go when a wind is blowing at my back...
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Can't seem to get river fishing these days. The howling downstream winds makes flicking a dry fly upstream difficult. Went to the reservoir where it was gusting winds up to 25mph - It was a dank dark overcast rainy day. I ended up getting quite cold. The trout were definitely not playing...
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Absolutely cracking fish Scotty love the different colourations - I wish I had your energy If I was to walk 2k, I would need a week to recover! Seems like it was a great trip - Well done. Douglas
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    Where to buy?

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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    I was intending to visit a border stream today for a bit of dry fly fishing. Unfortunately my wife began to girn about being left in the house alone 'again' So as a compromise, I suggested that she take a book and comes to to the reservoir with me. She reluctantly agreed to this with the...
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    A study made

    If you arrive at the waters edge, looking like an advert for Simms, or Hardy - Other anglers will have high expectations of your catching abilities. Arrive at the waters edge with the tackle that I fish with - You can relax - No pressure whatsoever! Douglas
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    Conservation Corner

    Plenty on this water. But, there's no swans here or canoes! Douglas
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    Dreaming of fishing

    Hi black jungle - I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery - Hopefully you'll be casting a flea soon. I am suffering from two bad knees at the moment - If I was on the floor it is now getting almost impossible to stand up! Can I ask you how long it took from the first consultation with...
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Enjoyed a good session down at the reservoir today. Ended up into double figures. Four biggest 12'' 14'' 14'' and a thumper @15'' - Although they are hardly specimens they are good sized fish for this reservoir. Caught two within twenty minutes - then another hour passed and nothing doing...