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  • Hello Brian, can you tell me what year the graphite rod was patented and was Hardy the one to take the patent out? I have seen this stated but cannot confirm. Also what year did hardy make graphite rods available to the public (prior to 1974 ?) I thought you might have a lot of Hardy history accumulated. I am also being told that Fenwick (HMG) was the first, not Hardy.
    Richard Croft.
    Hi Nick. I am not a charity. But willing to sell them on your behalf and donate any monies to your directed charity.
    I have a fair few bits of old and newer flyfishing tacle i wish to donate to someone, for a good cause,and yours is good, i have had cancer twice now and like to do all i can for any charity connected, so tell me what i can do ? can i send stuff to you to be auctioned or given away ? (or do i have to sell it ? which isnt my preffered way .....)
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