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    Paw Prints

    z If it’s not a big *****. It may be a. Beaver Tight lines
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    Join me in a minutes silence at 11am

    Sad day. A hat like that deserves to be mounted in the shed as an inspiration to past memories
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    If they can’t get get COVID under control there will be a few going out of business sales on got to feel for the small tackle shops at this time tight lines
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    Avoiding tennis elbow

    The warm up exercise guys used to be who was rowing first to the head of the loch for the first drift. But in all seriousness guys a bit of excercise is good for you swim ,,lift a few light weights stay healthy tight lines
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    Fishing Ambitions 2021

    Sounds like a plan to me good luck with it tight lines
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    'Side Play' in Reels

    Hi mick. It can be frustrating especially if it’s on a reel that you use a lot I have in the past made up a shim from. Teflon or nylon rod on a lathe fibre washers would work may not last long steel shim stock would work being thin clamp it between two pieces of wood to drill the hole size...
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    Can it be?

    That definitely sums it all up how true tight lines
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    Can it be?

    All of the. above and more keeps the mind and body active excercises the body and mind while you are fishing and long after when your thinking about what went wrong or what went right tight lines enjoy next season
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    Reel Capacity..

    Hi Paul. Good to know. I certainly check the knot periodically anytime I clean the line don’t want see a flyline disappear into the river attached to a salmon tight lines
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    Reel Capacity..

    Hi guys. On the subject of backing when was the last time anybody changed the backing at the same time as replacing a new line I see a few people mid river net a fish and to un hook it rod and reel between the knees into the water that backing will be wet for days and overtime will breakdown...
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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger

    Hi micka I’ve often thought about modifying the thickness of the handle of a fly rod so that your hand is not so closed possibly with a lightweight firm foam tube so as not to upset the balance of the rod another lockdown thought tight lines
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    swinging flies Winter trout - Epic Grabs but loosing lots of fish..

    Hi fly inspired. I meant a fly tied on a double Hook typical salmon sea trout flies instead of a treble tight lines
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    Anyone recognise this location?

    How about a local historical society in the area you or others are suggesting a search on net maybe email them the picture good luck tight lines
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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger

    Hi codyarrow Hi codyarrow I also suffer from dead mans fingers even in summer lack of circulation they reckon often when I’m fishing I have to stop and do windmills with my arms to get the blood into my fingers warms your whole body up fun in the boat mate reckons I look like a manic...
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    swinging flies Winter trout - Epic Grabs but loosing lots of fish..

    Excellent piece of action beautifully conditioned fish have you tried small doubles instead of a single fly tight lines