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    Raw eggstacy

    That’s great. Thanks for giving me a lead to follow. Can’t seem to find one with the same core as eggstacy, but I’m still hunting. Cheers
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    Raw eggstacy

    Cheers mate, I’ll give that a look. Was hoping to be able to buy in bulk the original material. Any ideas?
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    Raw eggstacy

    Hi all I’ve been hunting to find pre dyed eggstacy with no joy at all. Does anyone know what it’s true name is or where to get it from? I’m assuming it’s some kind of yarn that’s been repurposed for fly tying. cheers Mick
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    XDA Reel rattle

    Hi just bought a second hand XDA but the spool feels loose. When I shake the reel I can feel/hear the spool rattling/knocking about. nothing too serious, just would like to sort it if possible. any ideas? Cheers :thumbs:
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    Scierra HM2

    Got one now.thanks Don't know how to delete this lol
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    Shakespeare Odyssey 3pc fly rod 2.85m AFTM 7

    £22.50 is the lowest I can go, or I'd rather keep it ;)
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    5 New Fly Lines

    Fly Lines, 5 in total... All NEW. 2x Masterline Graduate Lines DT8N Neutral 1x Masterline Graduate Lines DT7N Neutral 1x Masterline Challenge WF9UFS Sink with its own Fly Box 1x Leeda Galion Extra Line,comes with Loop and Backing attached.WF7S Sink see pic All Lines are NEW. After £35...
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    Bespoke oak Fish filleting board - handmade

    Selling THIS £20 delivered to forum members inbox me if you're interested, payments via paypal sent as a gift.
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    Diy Filleting board

    This one was really just kinda a learning experience so its just a piece of wood I had in the shed, prolly just a soft wood. Gonna make some more out of oak. :thumbs:
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    Diy Filleting board

    sayin nowt :p
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    Diy Filleting board

    I was gonna make it 3ft longer, but was scared the missus would do the ironing on it :p
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    Diy Filleting board

    really? cool. great tip:thumbs:
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    Diy Filleting board

    Cheers Rob. Not adding clamps tho, I'd rather hold the fish. I decided to make mine for 2 reasons. Firstly I wanted a decent size one, as the others are toooooooooo small in my opinion, and secondly the metal clamps are ugly lol ;)