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    Actual size comparison, Tiemco 103BL #17 v Fulling Mill 5050 Ultimate Dry #16

    Probably made in the same factory, just a different size.
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    Help with which rod to buy for loch fishing from the bank

    I see you are going to see an instructor. Wise move. You can pay several hundred pounds for a rod but you will still get the tangles if you don't know what to do with your casting with multiple droppers and be just as frustrated. PaulD alluded to opening your loop a little more, you can do that...
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    big hatch of big Buzzers.

    Man, our water was quiet. What buzzers. Not a sausage in sight....
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    Daiwa Lochmor Z 10' 7#

    Probably the name is not a "familiar" westen one. It is Japanese for starers. I only have one Daiwa rod vs more the usual culprits. Name snobbery I guess.
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    Daiwa Lochmor Z 10' 7#

    It seems that a lot of folks on here think it is Diawa. It is Daiwa to be correct.
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    Set up cost

    The Tyflyz hackle plier is the best bar none and is relatively inexpensive
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    Set up cost

    Naah, don't need to pay that much. I bought a set from ebay and bought gold loop fine pointed scissors. The musts are good rotary vice, good bobbin holder, a good hackle plier as feathers have a tendency to slip from the usual culprits and there is nothing more infuriating than that (actually...
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    Set up cost

    You will end up buying more materials than you need 😅
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    River Calder, lancs - is this pollution?

    Don't think Rookstorm is on here anymore. Last I saw him post was some time ago flogging his outfit.
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    I'd be interested to ask you how to set the jaws to hold. It may be easier with larger hooks but I use smaller hooks #14-18 usually and I tighten up the adjuster and have to clamp down quite firmly otherwise too firm a tension and the hook bows down.
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    Donvt know that the jaws are brittle as I've not found that an issue BUT the jaw hold is only so so.
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    Breathable Waders

    Agree, I bought Orvis Silversonic Guides 5years ago and bought a spare as I liked it a lot with almost £100 discount in Orvis sale (only used once to ensure it didn't leak fresh out the box). I've not yet used it since. This was after 3 Vision waders failed me in short order.
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    Silver Brown Trout

    Doesn't come up that far, too many obstructions to upstream migration.
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    Silver Brown Trout

    June 2016 in the Avon in South Lanarkshire. Last cast of the day.