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    Fly Tying Materials near Milton Keynes

    Don’t really know what is around MK but you should be able to get to Grafham fairly easily....they have pretty good shop there.....not far off the A1.
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    Flytying - It's been an expensive year

    I look at fly tying as something beyond simply saving money on flies to fish with. I have enough flies already to see me out and enough fly tying materials to last a few lifetimes....even very expensive genetic capes which I have had for years and are hardly touched! I found myself looking at...
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    Grafham is open until the end of January...same as Rutland
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    New world record Brown ? 46.9lb

    Ok Salmon farms....but the principle is the same
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    New world record Brown ? 46.9lb

    Ok thanks.... have not been on for a while and missed this thread
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    New world record Brown ? 46.9lb

    I have not read all this thread so will have missed some points and this may have already been discussed. The canal where it was caught contains trout farms and these big fish feed off the surplus pellets and waste from the farmed trout....I have watched them doing it.
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    Streamer fishing for wild brown trout.?

    × × × × ....and in many instances that is exactly what a lot of anglers do
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    Streamer fishing for wild brown trout.?

    it is lure fishing and is no more or less skilfull than Lure fishing on a reservoir. Maybe calling it ‘streamer’ fishing makes some anglers feel better about it. A white ‘Dog Nobbler’ is a good imitation of a freshwater lamprey.....I once caught some trout absolutely stuffed with lampreys on a...
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    Dynaking...Great Service

    You should have looked around a bit more.....they are £89 from Lathkill tackle....I bought a ‘Supreme’ plus the midge and standard jaws a couple of years ago from Lathkill. It will certainly see me out. ×
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    Your help please

    one fly, which springs to mind is the ‘Grizzle Mink’, a Neil Patterson pattern. Rather than see which patterns use those furs, perhaps try using them on existing patterns or create new patterns depending on their dubbing/winging qualities etc. All well known flies started somewhere and were...
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    What to use

    I keep them in the packaging they come in and keep these in Tupperware type containers I have thousands so I separate them into ‘Dries’, ‘heavy wets’, ‘sedge’, ‘shrimp/bugs etc. And keep these categories in separate boxes.
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    Barbed or not.

    Krang has already been banned on here Also banned on ‘Maggot drowners’ forum
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    Barbed or not.

    There is also an argument that they penetrate more deeply and can cause more damage. Unfortunately the barbless v barbed debate is no longer based on any evidence or science but more on faith and dogma
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    Prescription sunglasses

    I get my Polaroids (varifocal) through my usual private optician...not too expensive and no complaints so far...I tend to avoid the big names as I have usually been disappointed. Just ask for a Polaroid version when you get your usual prescription
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    Reviving tying wax

    One way to soften hard wax is to break off a piece about shirt button size and mould it in your fingers and keep it in the palm of your hand....we had to do that with the old veniards hard wax. You only need to use a small piece at a time...I have used to same lump of wax for the past 30 years...