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    Vince Marinaro Midge Fly

    Snap these up, probably wont cost you export duties either?
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    Mystery Mayfly

    Im so shocked that that fly is getting knocked. But i guess the truth in the matter is if one doent fill a basket or two of trouts and grayling on that lovely nymph at duffers, sawyer would probably roll out of his grave to pack your rod away for you! The other flies would be great to see.
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    Split-Cane rods;

    L Ahhhhh the cork work, yes, thank you, i love full cork as it reminds me if Classic Palakona, mixed with Young with a sprinkle of Fries but nothing can compare with the deep soul work of fries! These as all the rods ive made are shaped on a hand drill in my lap😀, and written on one aptly...
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    Split-Cane rods;

    Brook wands for the Welsh mountain, valley & border streams where coal miners once slipped down the other side of the hill and escape to trout country where the water was untarnished and golden trouts rose freely to mayfly.
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    Removal of keeper ring

    Best way is as Simon said it. I usually take the blade and start right up next to ring and slice on the flat plane of the foot itself heading towards the end of the foot, Brace tightly but not overly so you dont slip and go zooooooop. Just structute your hands close together so you can barely...
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    FINISHING MOTOR BY FLEX COAT Works exactly the same as the day i bought it. The motor is actually very strong! Stick the butt of rod in hole, pull back slightly, rod is secured! Just make your own stands from shoe boxes of somesuch and thats it. You can also stick a piece of foam to front...
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    Two Cane/Bamboo Brook Wands

    Sold Sold sold sold
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    30 XL Lemon woodduck feathers

    Sold sold sold
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    Simms flats hat

    Sold sold sold
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    Dan vice £35

    Now sold sold sold
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    Berghaus Gore Tex Smock XL

    Sold sold sold
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    Berghaus gore tex smock xl

    Mt Asgard half zip goretex smock. Never used, still has labels attached , stuff sock has storage marks. £100 posted ?? send an offer
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    1900 Hardy Uniqua 2 7/8" Uniqua

    For sale, a gorgeous little 2 & 7/8" hardy uniqua early 1900's dog tooth check....Quite a rarity. Used but very well looked after very well with all original parts intact un unhindered and some black finish intact..There are no cracks or line grooves......Very clean horse shoe latch and check...