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    Greys Streamflex 8'6'' 4#

    Rod sold subject to payment, Thanks simon Pm replied Paul
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    Greys Streamflex 8'6'' 4#

    As above for sale,like new used around 5 times and is now surplus to my requirements, £90 posted Prefer bank transfer but would also accept paypal, Pm me if interested, Paul
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    Cortland Sylk DT5

    Wanting to swap the above for a similar quality 7 or 8#wf floater,line is used but excellent condition, Paul
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    Sonik SK3 Cassette

    It has silent retrieve and its a nice reel for the money, Paul
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    Fishing Tackle For Sale

    Pm sent re chest pack Paul
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    River Wharfe at Pool advice needed

    Hi chaps,can anyone give me a proper address or postcode for this stretch,as i am thinking of having a bash there shortley, or directions from the A59 heading towards Harrogate would be good also, ATB Paul
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    Weird fly(to me anyway)

    That looks about right,they say a blokes 6'' is equivellant to a womans 4'':D Paul
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    Weird fly(to me anyway)

    Even your zimmer frame wouldnt have helped me there yesterday S:D:D:p Bedrock gave way on me and in i went,needless to say i didnt wade again after that as the river was running fast and carrying extra water, No videos i'm afraid Geoff had his concrete boots on:D Paul
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    Weird fly(to me anyway)

    Hello sharky,the cork on my handle is 7'' and when i tried to put it on there from the front antennae to the end of the tail was pretty much it but i only tried once and it was only there for a split second:D,the tail on its own was 6-7cm, I suppose i could have been seeing double though after...
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    Weird fly(to me anyway)

    I was fishing the Welsh Dee yesterday and after taking an improptu dip i was sitting on an old tree stump drying my gear when this chap decided to join me, Needless to say i moved up a foot or 2 to give him a little more room, Photos are poor as they were took with a wet mobile that stayed on...
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    Llangollen info required for Sunday please

    Thanks Scratch,i was begining to think that i had to join some secret society to get the info:rolleyes::D, Pau
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    Llangollen info required for Sunday please

    Hi Oscar,thanks for the info,i have been on the website you mention but it only says day tickets available @£10 per day,there is no info on where to get them and no telephone number,i have sent am email but i might not get a reply before tomorrow, Can you give me any more info please on where to...
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    Llangollen info required for Sunday please

    Hi chaps,my mates just phoned me and said he fancies trying somewhere completely different and new tomorrow,so we have decided on the Dee around Llangollen, What i need to know is,are day tickets available on a Sunday as i believe you get them from a shop and if anybody can give me any pointers...
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    Orvis Hydros

    Personally i think that unless you are making the guy an offer or you are interested in buying the said item then you should not be posting on his thread,he has said his price and if you dont want it then you should have no involvement what so ever, I think it is high time that admin allow only...
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    Anything better than a Streamflex

    Hi Ben,i absolutely love my ZXL aswell i would never part with it(9' 5#)but i wanted something for dry fly only and in a different weight and size but after fishing with the Cortland there is no way i would pay Sage prices:eek: so this led me down the Streamflex route and when i was told if i...