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  • Sam did you forget to ring me last nite i tryed to ring you but no answer let me no if you can ring me tonite Jamie.
    Hi Sam.... I am trying to get a team together for the Lexus... all short notice... be will possibly go for the Brenig heat on 25th July if you are interested mate?

    Just an update guys, if you want any of my products send me a pm. I have bigger fish to fry than this forum at the moment pardon the pun!

    Too many troublemakers with nothing better to do with their day. Ignore any pms you get from any muppets about fly lines etc, lies etc.

    Thanks for the order, when you get the sunburst fl orange in mate keep me 5 packs of that pal

    Just a little silly order can you supply me with one spool of holographic tinsel small in red.
    Laurie Fergusson,
    148, millburn Avenue,
    If you give your paypal address i will stick it on as a gift.
    Cheers Laurie.
    As I posted we are staying in the seymour, if you fancy a pint and a blether we ae there from the saturday night. jim
    Hey Sam, if the front page is anything to go by it is going to be smart. Is that you on the page ? you told me you were a small skinny guy with wrinkles.....
    Just to let everyone know that my website as packaged with my materials is not ready for viewing yet but will be in circa 2 weeks. I will keep you informed, thanks.
    Cheers Sam. Had a good day and hope to do some fishing tomorrow. The missus has spoilt me rotten with some really nice stuff including a fishing record book and a copy of the Fly tiers benchside reference. Got some heavy reading ahead of me lol.
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