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    Looking for a buddy highland area scotland

    Hey mate, I’d be up for a bit of fishing or overnight fishing if your up for it? Im from Edinburgh but like travelling up north to go fishing. Cheers Chris
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    Scotland Fishing Buddy

    I’ve never fished Cobbinshaw. Just can’t wait for this bloody lockdown to be over lol dying to get back out there fishing again. Yeah camping at Loch Awe is good, might be a bit to cold for it at the moment though 😉
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    Scotland Fishing Buddy

    Hi Al Yeah I fish the Almond have done for couple of years. Like doing the overnight pike fishing places like Loch Awe.
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    Scotland Fishing Buddy

    Hey folks 34 year old guy from West Lothian, Scotland here looking for a fishing buddy. Into all types of fishing but enjoy pike fishing using dead bait and lures the most. Get in touch if its something your interested in doing. Cheers Craig