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  • Being a 'Mod' on a major US board we watch the postings (there are so few that would make you think twice its rather boring) but yours didn't even make me 'raise an eyebrow.' And you're right, there are more than their share of 'interesting people' who post here. fae

    Thank you for your very kind comment. Too many fragile egos on the casting section. I was trying to be balanced but people harbour grudges and resort to cheap shots to rescue perceived loss of status.

    Hi Fred,
    What happened to cause your thread to be removed, 'reason, not for the forum'? I replied to one you started about Jamaica intending to demand compensation for UK role in slavery and pointed out that the Arab States should also be held accountable for the vile practice. If it is this Myriad's decision to remove a thread for the reason stated, then I find it all very bizarre. Freedom of speech!!! Only for the forum bullies it appears.
    Hi Fred, don't let the *******s grind you down! Keep on keeping on my friend.

    Another tip - Check out a British sitcom called "Porridge" Porridge is a UK slang term for serving time in jail - doing porridge. The phrase I used above originated there. It's funny mate - If you show it to friends remind them it's not a documentary!
    Hi Fred, Ref the Hydrotec Gear. Buzz Tim Rajeff, he's the North American Dealer for Airflo.

    Best regards

    Hi fred I see you were interested in Salmon flies? Does this still stand. I am now in New Zealand I will never use them. If you would like I send you say 10 and see if they are any good, if not no harm if they suit then we discus the rest . The flies are on doubles and singles a few Tubes and a few Trebles all traditional no modern paterns could send photos. Size 12-8 I think.Would check on post and see if you think it's worth it. Email gill_denboden(at) Best Regards Dennis
    WELCOME HOME BUDDIE! Sounds a bit like me with the Rogue River being 5 miles away. Need a 'fishing fix?' 10 minutes drive.
    Finally moved back to the US after 6 years in Germany. Enjoyed your many excellent posts during my time overseas, they were a nice dose of home.

    I am in one of the many small towns southwest of Philly. 12 minutes to the airport, 3 streams with naturally reproducing trout within 15 minutes of the house. A rather nice suprise, these suburban trout.

    Best regards,

    Many thanks Noel. Not sure I can 'open' the file, but will give it a go in a few minutes. I've always found it odd that BBC has a blocker up that doesn't allow a non-UK computer to access their 'stuff.'

    We do have BBC-America over here, but save for "Doctor Who" no one pays the least attention.
    Hi Fred sorry to bother you but thought you might be interested in this prog. from the bbc BBC iPlayer - Wootton Bassett: The Town That Remembers Noel
    It is looking more likely that I will be moving to Casper Wyoming in the near future. Now this is a big move from Scotland and although I was there briefly in 2004 I have no idea about the type of fishing available. I figure there will be plenty single hand touting available but will there be any opportunity for double handed fishing?
    Look forward to your reply

    Ian C
    WOW! Googles best price is close to 700 pounds .. about $750 USD. Thanks Guy .. now to find out if they 'ship' to the US of A.
    The posts from the Administration are reminding me more and more of the increasing level of "equality" in the posts of Napoleon and his new management regime. To understand my meaning - look up irony and don't look up the Battle of Waterloo. There was another Napoleon.....
    Hi Fred. Just aquick question on how is the so called credit crunch effecting your neck of the woods? Hellish over here and seems to be getting worse.
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