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    bio lines

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    Nikon coolpix a10

    Great camera at a great price! The colour I could do without .. Purple??? A ladies camera there. fae
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    Micro skagit head

    'Skagit heads' were a Pacific Northwest 'invention' many years ago and the first is attributed to a fellow by the name of Ed Ward. Point of a Skagit is its a short/blunt (little, if any, front taper) to chuck large wind resistant flies. Heads can be as short as 5 foot up to (I've seen but not...
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    Writing on Rods

    Thin down some paint stripper and give it a light go with a sponge. YOu do not want to use anything abrasive!
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    Writing on Rods

    One trick, wrong word, is the identification of a rod as 'yours'.' A tonne of a given rod are built and all look exactly the same. If yours is 'light fingered' very easy to identify. That worked for the Pawn Shop owner and the Medford, Oregon Police.... fae
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    Secret Weapon (Falkus)- Tandem fly – by Fulling Mill Brand New

    Ah yes, Mr. Falkus ….. his book on 2hander casting set me down a very expensive road of fly rods. Have them now from a 2 wt to a 9. The '2' is a total blast fishing Montana River's. My first ultra light was a total flyer as there (at the time) no such thing. Proto types built, test cast, etc...
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    New Member from London

    A warm welcome to the board from Southern Oregon .... ya-ya there are a few 'Murican's as regular posters. fae
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    How to Dull the Shine?

    Have a chat with an auto parts counter person; odds on they will have just what you need. Auto 'under paint' may be just the ticket. fae - - - Updated - - - Have a chat with an auto parts counter person; odds on they will have just what you need. Auto 'under paint' may be just the ticket. fae
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    Adder bites

    "2. More people have died from bee stings than Adder bites. Reason: allergic reaction to bee stings." No fear of snakes in my yard but bee/wasp stings are another matter. Hugely allergic to wasp output! If they're around I have to carry a anti-venom injector tube in my pocket. Thing has a huge...
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    Contact Info

    Bingo on contact info? The Buck inn Malham Yorkshire UK Hotel Pub & Great Food
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    Casting In The Park

    'Grass casting' is not unusual at all but you need to make a grass leader. Basicly its a leader with 4 to 6 inch 'tails' at a right angle from the base leader. Longer the grass the shorter the side pieces. The down side is it works but grass casting will ruin the leader for actual fishing.
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    Contact Info

    Maybe? Fishing - The Buck Inn If not I'm guessing they can provide the contact info. fae
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    Homemade wading staff

    My take: Most wading staffs are: Too short to be of much real use. If you want a real staff it will be at least an inch thick, strong, won't bend and you can really put your weight into the thing when it all goes to hell in a hand basket, comes up to your forehead in length. Last but not least...
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    You know you're getting old when...

    When you no longer have to ask about 'Sr. Discounts.':omg: 'Meals on Wheels' or good frozen TV dinners ... cooking for one (not counting the Dog) is a pain in the butt. When you hear: "But you don't look that old." Etc fae