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  • Hello Toby

    Hard man to track down.Did send email and spoke to Alistair recently when you were engaged but no call back.Wished to know about Cliff fly box stocks as want a couple.Please advise.

    Best JP
    My computer appears to be having bother with the contact section of your web site. Can you let me know if you have flymen, fish mask in size 3 and do they come with eyes or are they supplied separately.
    Hi Toby
    Have you got yellow peacock in stock. Your website says 10 colours but only list 2
    Toby, what have you got in stock by way of gold and gunmetal coloured tungsten beads? Despite half my loft being taken up with flies, I do still like to tie my own occasionally! :cool:


    Hello Toby ,
    We met at the BFCC last weekend . I wonder how many fishing nuts are in our local ? I was wondering if there our enough of us in the area to arrange a meet for a socialiable fishing day or even to get together for a casting day ? I must admit that I thought I could cast reasonably well untill I went to the BFCC event ! What an eye opener that was ! Do you know of any others who might be interested in an occasional meeting to cast for fun or meet to go fishing !
    Regards graham
    Hi Toby-You probably wont remember me,Ive had a couple of rods from you in the past.
    Anyway--I have decided to do some flytying.
    Buzz had been tying for me but he cant do them any more--too busy--ive done them and lost them-- bla bla.
    But I think the real reason is that I am now catching more fish than him(only joking we are good friends)
    So I need some bits and I thought of you, so if I get a list together perhaps we could discuss it over the phone when you have time. Morrisdancer
    I wish to take up flytying and was advised to contact yourself.
    I have a vice but thats all that I have. I was advised to spend more money on sissors but otherwise don't know what else I will need to get me up and running. Any dvice would be welcome.
    Hi Toby Have you any Elite 3D siver/ FL,yellow ,,, Cat green,,,and Blk or Elite 3D gold,,, Blk and Cat Green left
    John (Rainbow Warrior)
    Hi Toby, received the goodies yesterday, thanks. I would have like a pack of Chartreuse FF so I will order one when you get back. I am also a bit worried about the stainless hooks i.e. if loosing one in a fish do they wrought like the bronzed coloured hooks? Thanks Again. Andy
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