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    BFR Magnum reel with spare spool and Aircel Double Taper lines.

    This was bought, along with the Daiwa rod listed here, for a coupe of fishing holidays, and is therefore very lightly used. The lines may well be of interest (dt being hard to find nowadays), both #10 double taper, an Aircel Supreme and a WetCel II. Despite having been stored on the spools the...
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    Daiwa Lochmor 14'6" #10

    This cost me around £130 years ago, and has only been used on a couple of holidays. As I remember it is a progressive action rod. £60, plus carriage at cost. See separate listing for pictured reel and lines.
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    Vision float tube

    Why are the drifter fins no good? Which do you recommend? Thanks.
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    Leaky float tube

    I've just bought a Lineaffe tube, which has pvc bladders- will your recommendations be ok on these?
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    Jeremy Wade interview

    Bob Mortimer told me he was married to one.
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    Wychwood River & Stream 7' 6" plus reel

    Wychwood River & Stream 7'6" 3/4 weight. Unwanted gift- it's too light for the rivers I fish. Cast once on grass, once on the water, hence near mint. I can email images if required.£50 plus £8.95 post Also a new, boxed and unused Snowbee Classic2 3/4 reel. Rod and reel combined £70, including...
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    Snowbee Classic 2 3/4

    No, the seller of the rod I bought on Ebay later messaged me to say he had a Greys reel and line to match the rod, hence the sale.
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    Snowbee Classic 2 3/4

    Snowbee Classic 2 for 3//4 lines. 75mm diameter, capacity WF4 + 50m backing.Injection moulded from fibre reinforced nylon, only weighs 129g.Large arbor and with a decent drag system.Duplicated gift, so new and unused in box. £28 inc post. PP gift please.
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    Danica Compo 690 spools

    Does anyone know how still has Danica Compo 690 spools in stock? A quick Google search has proved fruitless. I will of course try the Wanted section here.
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    Becoming very disillusioned with buying online

    Maybe I've been lucky, but I've never come unstuck buying on the internet, and have had some great deals. My local tackle shop, which I tried to support, sold rotten leader material, fly tying materials out of the pyramids, and would never give you a deal. I've bought lenses from Hong Kong that...
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    35 lb french river brownie

    No, but you need to be a pretty good swimmer!
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    Hardy rod

    Crikey, I've had two replacement sections for my Orvis Helios rods, without any handling charge, when I dropped them off at my local shop.My third accident (I'm not that clumsy, I just fish a lot and have owned four Helios's for seven years) was my ten foot five weight eaten by the outboard, and...
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    New Orvis Rods

    The Helios 2 hasn't been around long enough to be superseded by the next new model. I have three original Helios rods, one of which, a ten foot five weight, was recently replaced with the equivalent Helios 2, and bar the cosmetics I can't tell the difference. Nearly all the new rods are heavier...
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    Airflo 40+ extreme #5 floating

    GAC don't have the old version of the 40+ extreme in a five weight, they've checked their stockroom for me. Looks like I'll go for the SuperDri, it's now reduced to £30.As i said in my original post, I only want it as a spare- when the level drops in the back end it's very easy to damage a line...
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    Airflo 40+ extreme #5 floating

    Anyone I know where I can get one of the above (it's the ivory/sunrise version), hopefully at a sale price? I know they do the new SuperDri version (is it the same profile?) but I just want one as a spare, I've found the one I'm using is perfect on Grafham's dam wall.