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    Four flies

    × Lowering the tone of the post with that gorgeous imitative matetial. 😂
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    Four flies

    Yes, I misread the OP, I was eating my Cornflakes and responding at the same time and thought it applied to lake, lough and river. Anyway if it was the lough it would be, Red Arsed Green Peter, Claret Dabbler, Black Pennell and Bibio and maybe a Connemara Black, no thats 5 flies 😤 I'm dossing...
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    Four flies

    Will they work on the river? 🤔
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    Four flies

    How about GRHE nymph, Pheasant Tail nymph, Grey Duster dry and Black Pennell wet.
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    overcharge me ,NO WAY

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    Varivas 2100 Standard Dry Hooks

    Varivas 2100 standard dry fly hooks I've checked the number of hooks in each packet. Size 14 / 28 hooks Size 16 / 25 hooks Size 18 / 24 hooks Size 20 / 19 hooks £9 / €10 including postage to Ireland & UK.
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    Back when I lived in London for a few years, the hottest temperature I ever fished in for trout was 30 degrees in Barn Elms in 1990, I might have caught one trout at dusk. I certainly got a suntan in those conditions, no sun block, I don't think I even wore a cap, just jeans, trainers, tee...
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    Never sink Daddy long legs

    That's a nice big meaty looking daddy pattern, bigger than foam bodied patterns I use which are a size 12 hook with foam cylinder body. I have all of the materials so I might tie a few up. I've never tried the segmented body, do you use a continuous loop of thread from one segment to the next...
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    Serious Fishing

    I get a feeling of deja vu reading this about peoples experiences with Serious Fishing. I ordered a hat from Serious Country Sports (same company) last year, the website advised it was in stock, I got an email next day confirming my order and another email after 4 days advising the hat was out...
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    Thanks for letting me know this. I was considering the Blackstar as an option, it's 1/2 oz lighter than the Premier, and it has a higher grade of carbon, as I said earlier I'll sleep on it. If I order it now, it will probably arrive in time for the back end of the season.
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    You're right, as long as its not too heavy, I'll sleep on it and decide over the weekend. I suppose for the cost of a premier rod, if it doesn't work out I won't have broken the piggy bank. Better than spending a few hundred on something that isn't what I anticipated, that's happened a few times...
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    Cheers Noel
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    Yes agreed Al, less leverage from shorter rod would be easier on the shoulder and back. I would have thought the Maxcatch 9' # 7 rods are made for light saltwater or as freshwater / streamer rods, and should have the guts for casting a DI 7 line. I'm only going to use this rod a few times a...
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    Has anyone purchased or used any of the Maxcatch 9 foot #7 fly rods that they could recommend, I need something for the occasional time I used a DI7 #6/7 line. Feedback would be welcome on how it casts, action, any problems etc. I'm thinking a 9' #7 uses less energy to cast than a 9'6'' #7, just...
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    A wonderful sight.. But what is it..?

    When I was around 7 years old the last work horse on our farm died after eating ragwort. I think my father had seen it, cut it and thought he had removed all of it but Dick (our horse) found a bit he missed.