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    9ft travel fly rod recomendations

    I bought an older model Orvis FF, i was under the impression the warranty isnt valid on the travel rods? Maybe the newer clearwater FF is different
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    Hardy reel advice

    I have the 5000 CLS & its fine for 7wt line & backing. Not sure how the ASR compares but you would think it would be similar
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    Fly lines very expensive now

    The Wychwood Connect hover intermediate line #6 is avaliable on ebay for £23 delivered. Not too bad (y) and a decent line
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    Help choosing a new rod please.

    Vision Onki 10’6wt is a cracking rod not too fast (y)
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    Red tippet?

    I found a fly the other day when i was out fishing, it was a cdc shuttlecock. The strange thing was it was tied to a length of red coloured tippet. First iv seen this. Does anyone use red tippet? If so, what is the reason?
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    Fishing Coloured Stillwaters

    A yellow dancer works great in coloured water (y)as long as you dont mind pulling a lure
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    Beginner advice please

    Thanks Arkle, this forum is full of great people who go out their way to help you out. Top class. I was thinking about watching youtube to get the basics, il look up those you have suggested. If i get going i will speak to some of the members i know on here about the guild (y) cheers
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    Beginner advice please

    Very kind. Thanks
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    Beginner advice please

    You are a gentleman. (y)
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    Beginner advice please

    Thanks, i usually fish size 10-16 flys for stillwater trout. Im not wanting to spend a fortune as its just to try tying a few drys or emergers & to fix the flys iv bought that are chewed :LOL: but dont want to buy cheap rubbish either if that makes sense.
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    Beginner advice please

    Thinking about starting to tie my own flys :eek: and was looking for any advice on what vice, tools etc to look at. Im a complete novice. Thanks
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    Greys GRXI + Upgrade

    Hi have you looked at the Greys GR40 or GR60 series rods? They will be similar (y)
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    Last cast

    (y) They all look a good size.
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    Last cast

    Nice one Jim what did you get them on?
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    New Rod

    I really like the colour of the Onki, cracking rod as well(y)