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    Dries working well.

    Had a good morning on the Loch yesterday myself Jim, only a couple of hours but managed a stunning 3lb plus brown. Best fish i have had from Antermony. Safely returned
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    Dries working well.

    Cant beat fishing a Daddy longlegs & watching them come up for it. Sounds a brilliant day on the Lake
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    Slow intermediates

    The Wychwood Hoverer is a good line for the money, sinks at 1ips i think
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    Fishing under Pilons

    Haha was just saying this the other night Jim. All the fish seemed to be under the power lines
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    Club water 25/5/21

    Cheers Bert, no all smaller ones but the place was boiling with fish, an amazing sight watching the fish go crazy. Only one other boat out so nearly had the place to myself.
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    Club water 25/5/21

    Was at the Loch last night, a huge hatch of what looked like Caenis but instead of white body they were black, the place was boiling with fish & very frustrating casting at them. Managed 6 in the end but i think it was more persistance than any skill lol
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    Bloke fibreglass rod - what am I doing wrong?

    I would try a day fishing somewhere else using the same set up but using barbed hooks & see what happens.
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    Brown hen hackle?

    I got some Turrall hackle from ebay but in the packet half of them were too big im tying size 12-14
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    Brown hen hackle?

    Hi im a newbie to fly tying but been doing it since lockdown & i love it & have caught a few fish on my own flies. Im looking at tying crunchers & wets with a brown hackle, there are plenty places selling black hen hackle but not brown. What do you guys use for a wet/cruncher hackle? thanks George
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    G3 breaking

    I love G3, cheap & never lets me down. Not tried the new label stuff yet but will be gutted if its not the same. Anyone use maxima flouro? Might try that as the mono is great stuff for the money
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    To buy or not to buy?

    I think the Nite Catapult is quite a fast rod, i have a Clearwater & the Onki is pretty similar in action i would say. I love the Onki, its a great rod for the money
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    Bubble float and Fly

    And also you could put the bubble float on the point & 2 or 3 flys on droppers back up the line
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    Bubble float and Fly

    I used to fish the same dams with bubble float & fly when i was young. They were full of cracking brown trout but sadly as you say the pike have taken over
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    Cassette reel advice please

    What about the Wychwood SLA
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    nice sunset last night.

    Stunning picture Jim, i have had a couple of nice fish recently. Loch fishing great at the moment