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    A few photos of the streams and rivers of North East Victoria, Australia.

    Yep , seen a few snakes on that trip the usual Brown, Tiger and Red Belly black snakes .As long as you have on waders ( my mate in the photo has on waders I prefer to wear Gators over long loose fitting pants)or Gators and follow a few basic precautions your fine .
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    Second World War Novels

    King rat by James Clavell is one of my favourites .
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    Snowbee Ranger breathable waders

    Anyone have any experience with them ?
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    Best Tippet and price range

    Seaguar Grand Max fluorocarbon is pretty much all I use , not the cheapest but always reliable.
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    Nicest looking reel

    Hi Sean , I’ve got a reel from lds , it’s Beautifully made . This is the same reel as the one I have ,the only difference is mine doesn’t have “Zeb” written on it . Zeb is lds son’s name.
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    Personal Invitation.

    Glen Bracket and Gazza preferably on different days though
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    Very popular in Oz as a table fish. They are known as Redfin over here , some of the lakes in Victoria have huge numbers of perch in them . Using soft plastics or spinners seem to be the preferred method to fish for them . Like the trout and carp they were introduced . Unlike Carp you can return...
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    Silk for glass n grass

    Out of all the silk lines I have used the Yano‘s are definitely my favourite for the reasons Steve has already said . I managed to buy a couple of the lines Steve very kindly donated .
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    All round line

    Scientific Angler Mastery Trout
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    International money transfer

    Ask him to set up a PayPal account, it’s very easy to do. He can then transfer the money into his own bank account if he wants to . you will probably be charged a fee to transfer funds internationally as will the guy receiving the money then on top of that he will be charged to convert the...
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    Can you travel for fishing?

    Unless off course you happen to get into a serious road traffic accident then paramedics, doctors, police, nurses and firemen could all come into contact with you then come into contact with someone who is vulnerable.
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    Can you travel for fishing?

    The question shouldn’t be “ can you travel to go fishing “ it should rather be should we travel to go fishing? . Time to think about the more vulnerable people in society and stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary not too .
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    November caption competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    If there was only somewhere to park my bike I’d be set for the day
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    Tiemco Fly Kerchief

    Beaver Bushcraft sell sheets of Amadou