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    A rough idea..

    Anything to do with Sage rods in Ireland , give Pat Nolan , Nenagh a call . A sound guy and straight as a die .
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    Leftover CDC

    Insert in split thread or loop .
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    Rotary vice

    I like the look of that , but I'd bet they'd sell more if the included C clamp was only offered as an additional option , it has to be hurting the price .
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    Couple of wets

    I'll be trialling those hen tails on a few mirage bodied dabblers (y).
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    Couple of wets

    Wonder how they'd look with the thread/head colors switched about .
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    Vise Pawn

    You use the magnet to hold ribbing and other materials back to the vise metal and out of the way , not as versatile as the Loon Outdoors version but ok I think for most use .
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    Vise Pawn

    Just repurposed the wee magnet from the clasp on a 'phone cover , seems strong enough .
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    Pat Nolan , good quality and quantity.
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    Airflo Sixth Sense: memory issues

    I had 2 Xceed Floaters for pulling wets , not a problem .
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    Screaming banshee

    Hmm , would that attract the attention of Corixa feeders .
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    JC Alexandra.

    Proper Wet Fly that .
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    Rudolf the Red-Nosed Muddler

    I could see that working in a more balmy season for sure , nice tie sir .
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    Ireland and Britain removed from shipping options

    Got that as well , they wont get any more business off me at that rate.
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    Nicest looking reel

    Common the Déise .
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    Hair Dye

    The two of them look like low rent villains out of a Comic Book.