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    SOLD SOLD Hardy sintrix jet and Hardy reel

    Hi, Selling my Hardy outfit, 10ft 7wt Sintrix Jet that has seen little use, with a Hardy FW DD 6000 reel loaded with a Rio mainstream line. There is a couple of small chips on the bottom of the reel which I have tried to capture in the photographs. The line has been used for 1 session. For...
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    Swap Hardy Jet sintrex 10ft 7wt for a 10ft 5wt?

    Hi , As above,looking for a quality medium/fast 5wt I can throw in a Hardy fW dd 6000 reel loaded with a 7wt Rio line . Thanks G
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    Wanted quality 10ft 5wt

    As above looking for a quality 10ft 5wt please. I might swap a 10ft 7wt Hardy jet or cash Thanks
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    Dry Fly Box

    Hi , I bought 1 of these a couple of years ago and thought it was great , however the springs went on the compartments after a month or so and it went straight in the bin. maybe I was just unlucky? Cheers
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    Dry Fly Box

    Hi Pati i have been using the loop box for around 6 months and shows no sign of failure. Its a nice piece of kit and well made. cheers G
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    Galloway hills lochs

    Sorry my reply is slightly outdated it’s been around 20 years since I was last there!
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    Galloway hills lochs

    Hi Ohanzee, Have you had a look at Loch Bradan side for access?
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    Loch more Caithness

    Thanks Noodles , That is great information, I will look elsewhere.👍
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    Loch more Caithness

    Thanks Fellas, My friends and I make the trip every year around June to the Halladale and Altnabreac lochs. I just thought it would make a change for 1 day drifting for salmon. I will ask the River Thurso Company if this is possible. Thanks again G
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    Loch more Caithness

    Hi , Does anyone have an up to date contact no. for hiring a boat for the loch ? Thanks G
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    EU Fly shop registered for UK VAT

    I recently bought a new vice from pro tackle shop which was way cheaper than any uk supplier. I had to wait a few weeks for it to arrive though , which was fine with me as it was a cracking deal.
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    Does anyone know the latest voucher code ? STOCK20 is not working ? cheers
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    Simms nippers and lanyard.

    No worries mate👍
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    Simms nippers and lanyard.

    Ah too slow, lost my Simms snips last year and don’t fancy shelling out full price again 😩
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    Fly Reel

    Not sure re the drags? Glad your reel is a good 1 👍think it’s very hit or miss?