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    Where have they gone?

    On a daily basis at all hours of the day I am fortunate enough to have a wide variety of birds come to the feeders in the garden. Last few days though, nothing. Not even the dunnock. The feeders haven’t been touched looking at the levels. I did some work in the garden recently but finished...
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    No idea sorry, but I suspect it will be like other establishments in Wales - take away only at this moment.
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    Rob, as it stands whilst typing this, cafe is open at the lake but take away only. Boats have to be booked online. Link here: Quite a large number of fish were put into the lake in one go a few weeks ago due to uncertainty over season and it’s fishing well.
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    This suggests that as from Monday, 6th July, the border is open and you can travel into Wales. It also says that self contained accommodation is in play from 11th July. Hope this helps.
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    Prescription sunglasses

    I went down the Specsavers route for prescription Polaroids. I bought two pairs of glasses and was given a 50% off voucher if I wanted another pair. Used this towards my bi focal glasses and ended up paying £45. Can’t fault them 👍👍
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    Socially-distanced boat fishing?

    I think Clywedog fishery in Mid Wales have said 2 per boat will be allowed when they get back up and running. The distance between anglers will be 2.4m in a Coulam15 boat. The plan is to start boat fishing in 2 weeks.
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    Welsh anglers can go fishing.

    Just shows what a shambles the whole issue is. Fingers crossed for a change next week.
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    Welsh anglers can go fishing.

    I picked up the driving bit from this article. Scroll down about 2/3rds:
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    Welsh anglers can go fishing.

    Only if you’re disabled or have specific health issues. And no, they haven’t stated what those health issues are.
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    Water retention.

    The River Severn just on the edge of Newtown, Mid Wales. The weir has never been this exposed before so early in the year. About a six foot drop.
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    Welsh anglers can go fishing.

    As you were until at least 28th May here in Wales from the latest briefing by Mark Drakeford today.
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    Best Amadou patch

    You could also try Lucien on here. This is the link to his Amadou products on his web site:
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    Help please

    Try going to your nearest available fly fishing venue. Speak to the person in charge. Explain your dilemma and see if you (or them) can cast the lines out and observe the action of each line. They will be very accommodating in all probability especially if they’re a bit quiet. Ps - welcome to...
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    Fly tying electrical clips.

    This was about the best deal I could find for 50. Looks as if they’re UK based as well.
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    When you poach a club water and discover that the club chair is a professional cameraman...

    Fire an e-mail off to your Police & Crime Commissioner outlining the incident. Ask them to explain the lack of response from the Police. Point out that an offence has been committed and that it even has a Home Office code for this very crime. Then, sit back and await a response.