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    Baked Boobie Eyes?

    I thought they performed better. Less likely to cause twists if on dropper.
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    Cottage near Llyn Clywedog July/August

    Suggest you check the link for “Accommodation” on this web page. There are a few holiday cottages listed there. Could be a good starting point.
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    Daddy longlegs ?!

    This time last year, orange foam daddies were the “in” fly at local fishery before lock down kicked in for second period.
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    When the fly lands.

    When fishing dries, as soon as the fly or flies land on the water I like to gently straighten out the leader and then let the wind or drift do it’s bit. After that, no fixed list or time before next cast.
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    Rod weight

    To O.P. - suggest you give rod back to your mate, go and test a rod that you like/suits your style of casting and hopefully that will stop umpteen pages of arguing by the forum “boffins” 😉😉
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    The “osprey-gate” saga at Brenig gets more weird by the week. Apparently the nest with the dummy egg was the focus of attention off the local seagull population who tried their best to eat the dummy egg. The original pole was indeed resurrected in the night by persons unknown but, the powers to...
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    2021 world snooker championship

    He’s miles better than Dominic Dale and John Virgo on Eurosport commentary. Constant non stop yakking. Less is more on snooker commentary 100%.
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    My money is on the chav type fcukwits who would see this as a “ bit of a laugh”. And, as such, being immature, word will soon leak out and court beckons.
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    Shame that Brenig was targeted last night with the mindless destruction of the Osprey nest at the lake. Finger of suspicion on social media is being pointed at the angling fraternity. Fingers crossed the despicable pieces of excrement are caught and dealt with severely.
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    Rumour has it that there was a good number of fish in “Maggot Alley”, in Sailing club bay a few days ago. I don’t have any other info on method/flies sorry.
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    Brenig due to open tomorrow. (26th May). Pre season stocking of 8,000 by all accounts. Cafe is open but only for takeaway ( not sure if breakfast is on the take away menu). Lodge is open for sales.
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    Cafe is opening this week and the lake has had some stocking already by all accounts. I’m having doubts about Welsh Water even wanting anglers around their waters anymore. Look at Llandegfedd and Llys y Frân. There seems to be more and more emphasis on water sports as opposed to angling. Same...
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    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    If someone had told me that in injury time in their last game, Wales would loose a Grand Slam back at the start of the campaign I would have taken it. Batch of exciting new youngsters blooded, Triple Crown and still an outside chance of a Championship - I’ll take that.
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    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    Agree. There’s not much between all the teams apart from discipline. Control your discipline and you can win the game.
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    Risk assessment for fishing

    How about a copy of the Police disclaimer for travelling in entry #1 of this thread?