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  • Hi Paul, Thought i'd give you an update on the Newts, I know they take two years to reach breeding maturity, so was expecting to see them this year. Lots of frogs in the pond & now plenty of frog spawn. The pond has gone a bit murky as it does in early spring so have been trying to see if any newts were coming up for air, nothing so far but not sure how early the newts return to the water so will keep looking.

    Will let you know if anything develops.

    Cheers Tom.
    Gerry yer PM box is full to bursting !! I have just had a brain wave idea that could be worth Millions !!!!!!!!!!!
    Hello Jim,

    Thanks for that I used to enjoy a wee chat with davy in GAC. Are you in the Falkirk Tying club ?

    Really appreciate your help.
    Hi Mate im off to see my m8 davie mcphail tomoro night . The goats toe was one his and my favourite wets when we were younger im gonna ask him to put a goats toe on utube for you . Thanks mate you have brought some great memories back of when dave and i used to fish the hill lochs , by just reminding me about this great wee pattern !
    Best wishes jim crawford.
    No we haven't been on the clyde. Me & shanks got a ticket for the Kelvin this year. Only been once so far.
    let me know when your going to the Tummel and I'll get the thermals on :)
    Where did you get, JC capes for 15p?!!!! LOL You left A sticker on.......LOL
    Gerry, Recieve all your goodies today mate, thanks again.

    Hi Gerry, You got any photies? If so, PM them to me mate. I've got a few capes already but if they look good I'll take one.


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