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    Best line for Orvis Superfine Touch 8' 4 weight?

    I bought one from a guy in the States that sounded like he knew his stuff and he suggested a WF SA Mastery Textured Trout. There seem to be different iterations of this line, one that cuts through your fingers and one that doesn't. Trial and error I suppose.
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    Thank you and goodbye......

    I will still be about, just need to re register with a new username, will have a wee break though. Thanks Ed
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    Thank you and goodbye......

    As our time on the forum draws to a close, we would like to make this our last post on the forum. For nearly 5 years we have sold materials on the forum, we have never had any complaints and were all ways highly recommended by various members on the forum. We would like to thank everyone that...
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    Last of our stock to clear

    ALL SOLD Many thanks, Regards, Ed & Fiona
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    Which rod do you recommend

    None of the above. Secondhand Vision Cult - 8'0" 4wt. I bought one as a back-up to my Winston, for less than the money you're contemplating spending - and it's a tried, trusted and well-loved rod here on the Forum... something of a 'cult' rod if you'll excuse unavoidable the pun - and in a...
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    Kayak wanted - touring / sea

    Has anyone got a kayak for sale? River and coastal touring/sea kayak, in the region of 11ft-15ft - plastic preferred to glass and not too far away from Cheltenham, unless you can arrange delivery. Please PM.
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    Anyone looking for a new tripod ?

    Giottos has a dire reputation for quality and customer service. OP... your tripod may well last a lifetime, but I would urge others to check this out first: Why You Shouldn?t Buy A Giottos Tripod - James Kenny Photography Not many people rushing to their defence there. Depends on what you need...
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    Last of our Brass beads

    Hi Ken, Pm replied to and we have updated the stock levels on the brass beads we have left
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    Last of our Brass beads

    All pm's replied to, also stock updated . Thanks Ed & Fiona
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    Last of our Brass beads

    All Brass Beads Sold Thanks We have the last of our stock of Painted brass beads and anodised brass beads to give away at £5.00 per 100 inc postage. Please see the list below for stock availability. Green 2.4mm x Green 3.8mm x Fire Red 2.4mm x Fire orange 2.4 x White 2.4mm x Gold 2.4mm...
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    tying tools

    All Full sets sold Tiemco tools Ring style hackle pliers £5.00 each posted last 3 left Spinning style hackle pliers £15.00 each posted last 2 left We still have some Curved blade twissors, micro tip scissors and whip finish tools left which we can make up for smaller kits at £9.00 per set...
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    Last of our tungsten beads

    Pm inbound Mark
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    Last of our tungsten beads

    All Sold Thanks 1.5mm Pink countersunk x 500 XXSoldXX 2mm Pink countersunk x 200 XXSoldXX 1.5mm Gold countersunk x 300 XXSOLDXX 1.5mm Red countersunk x 700 XXSOLDXX 1.5mm Black nickel countersunk x 300XXSOLDXX 1.5mm Copper countersunk x 300 XXSOLDXX Pleas feel free to ask for discount on...
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    clearance lots

    All stock to clear. Fulling mill Hayabusa hooks, 50 hooks per packet £4.00 each packet 2x size 14 comp heavyweights(b175 equiv) 3x size 16 comp heavyweights(b175 equiv) 1x size 10 super sedge (b420eqiv) 7x size 16 super sedge (b420eqiv) 4x size 8 bronze super heavyweight grub(b110 equiv) 3x...
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    Bundles of stock to clear

    Well thats us closed and we still have loads of stock left. we have decided to do mixed bundles some of which would suit commercial tyers or fly tying clubs. First load of 10 mixed bags are as follows Bag 1 A mix of marabou/fritz/sparkle/zonkers and perfect rubber £26.00 posted Bag 2 mix of...