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  • Off to Google! View point is getting quite out of hand at the moment. One 'pissing contest' after another ..........
    Thanks David, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Didn't know you'd responded. I understand your feelings, odd stuff going on now, but at least 'Admin' is responding in the viewpoint section.

    I have pulled out of posting on the Forum because I have tired of wasting my breath on the increasing number of morons that frequent it. I am also ill at ease with the new administration - I totally disagree with their approach. I will not be posting again
    as it is like casting pearls before swine. I occasionally visit to see if there are any bargains for sale or check PMs. I am not posting on any other Forum either.

    Take care and tell Grouse he can fill his boots now :)

    Whoa! Your lack of postings has been noted (self included). May I ask why you've 'pulled the plug?' Second question would be do you post elsewhere now?
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