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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    I’d agree, have a 1st gen Swift 580 and it’s a very powerful rod, casts a long line and handles big fish with ease.
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    Echo River Glass 474-3 SOLD

    SOLD in two minutes! Thanks I have two of these, so parting with this one- hardly used as is a spare- finished in “Seductive Caramel” Tim Rajeff Echo River glass 7 foot four inch #4 3 piece Glass rod. Neat green wraps and hard chrome snakes and keeper ring Sic stripper ring, nice slim cork...
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    New 5-Weight recommendations
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    New 5-Weight recommendations

    £325-375 depending on spec.
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    New 5-Weight recommendations

    With that budget, I would get a rod built up. Adam Rawson at Rawson fishing builds some superbly finished rods under that and if you haven’t already, I’d recommend you try a modern S glass rod. They are far more sensitive than carbon, enabling you to fish fine tippets without the risks of break...
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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    They are high modular glass fibre not carbon.
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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    I had several bitd they were all glass rods that I owned some of the later rods were glass/carbon mix like the old Abu Carbolite. Great to use. The Onki are relatively fast by comparison.
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    River Rod - What would you recommend?

    These were E glass rods and only went up to a 7’-6”” #7/8 for pike and Grilse. I had the 6’-6” version and it was ridiculously slow! Trouble is a 9’ #6 is going to be a handful in E glass I use Swift 580s on Rivers or a 480 on CTS quartz S glass blanks built up by Adam Rawson. They cast long...
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    7ft 3wt or maybe 4wt needed following disaster

    Most people, once they’ve tried a modern glass rod- don’t go back to carbon. I’ve been fly casting for over 50 years too and I both enjoy my fishing far more with glass rods and they are much less tiring to cast with.
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    7ft 3wt or maybe 4wt needed following disaster

    I only ever use modern glass these days. Imho Carbon is too steely, tiring and oh so easily broken and offers poor control when playing fish (broken tippets and bump offs) I have a 7’ CTS #3-4 rod and it’s a dream to use on small streams, I’d second the Mk 1 Buttersticks too and I have a Rajeff...
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    Rawson Glass Rod

    I have loads of reels spare, if you looking for an exchange, also have a 6’ Bloke XLSG glass rod spare, green blank. Message me if you want, have other stuff.
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    Breathable Waders

    I have some Visions in their 16th season, they get used a lot and it’s a 4 mile hike to the top of our beat on one Beck so 8 mile hike, they are stained and scruffy as hell, the elastic in the shoulder straps is shot but they unbelievably don’t leak a bit still!
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    What bird's did you see while out fishing?

    I witnessed an unusual and slightly amusing event, along our local Beck side yesterday. I heard a whoosh and a commotion behind, which was a female sparrow hawk catching her morning breakfast, which I later realised, was in the form of a Tree Sparrow, which she grounded just behind me- nothing...
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    importing skins

    I source all my own materials locally, so won’t be of concern, I have some Whiting and Metz genetic top grade capes from bitd, maybe I ought to auction them, probably worth a bit?
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    Snowbee Thistle Down WF2-5

    I only use Glass and cane rods nowadays, which are easy to load, but the glass rods can still bang out a long line. The noise like sandpaper through the rings and the fact the thin line sinks on running water isn’t much use, out of all the lines I own, which is considerable, they were about...