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    overcharge me ,NO WAY

    Agreed, I never sell my flies... and if I did, it wouldn't be on ebay. Flies are ridiculously cheap on ebay! For me to make any profit, I would probably have to charge around £1.80 per fly just to make it worth my time/effort... and even then I'm not sure it would be! Compare that price to the...
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    Outfit for upland lake recommendations

    I use a 9ft #5 on the North Wales mountain lakes with a WF5. If it's blowing a gale I sometimes take my 10ft #6.
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    Fly Only.

    I ordered 2 packs of hooks from a reputable seller on ebay.... one pack arrived in 2 days, the other in 3 weeks. I think Royal Mail are having a bit of a nightmare at the moment. Try calling your local sorting office.
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    Day 6

    Hi, I was in a similar position to yourself.... my outfit was way too heavy for the river. Ended up buying a Leeda Profil rod, a cheap chinese reel and a DT mill end #3 line. The whole outfit cost me under £50, and it's improved my catches on the river as I'm now able to present the fly much...
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    A tribute to a footballing legend 😎.. hopefully it bags me as many sea trout as he has goals! Hook: size 6 double low water Tag: glo brite 16 Body: glo brite 14 Rib: glo brite 16 Throat hackle: kingfisher blue (hen) Wing: squirrel dyed blue Thread: uni 6/0 black Cheers Ian
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    Teal and Black

    Thanks for your kind words Sash. Unfortunately the fly is now stuck in a tree on the bank of the Afon Seiont :( Ian
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    Teal and Black

    × × I could come up with a BS reason .... But Honestly? My hen hackles were in a different room, the squirrel was on my desk from tying other flies 😁
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    Teal and Black

    A variant of the original teal and black, tied for Sea Trout. Hook: Partridge low water size 6 Thread: uni black 6/0 Tag: silver flat tinsel Body: Black Seal fur Rib: silver flat tinsel Throat hackle: Black fox squirrel Under wing: Black Fox Squirrel Wing: Teal ×
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    'Coquet Confidential' variant - one for sea trout

    pattern I copied (and slightly changed) from last month's fly fishing and fly tying magazine. Hook :B175 size 8 Thread: uni 6/0 red Tail: GP topping Body: flat silver holographic tinsel Rib: silver wire Throat hackle:Black cock under blue grizzle hen Under wing: white bucktail and 2 strands of...
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    Sea Trout or Salmon?

    Had my first 'night' fish this season last night. I caught it around 1am on a teal blue and silver variant.I weighed it at just over 2.5 lbs. I posted the photo on a facebook page, some think its a salmon, others a sea trout. What do you think?
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    Wychwood RS Vs Vision Onki

    × I actually quite like the way it looks! Something quite nice about the 'snot green'!!!
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    Wychwood RS Vs Vision Onki

    I have a 10 #6 Onki and it's my favourite rod. Worth keeping in mind.... there's no 'ring' for holding your fly like on most rods nowadays, and no white dots for alignment. This doesn't bother me personally, but it might bother some people. Ian
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    Fishing near Ross on Wye

    Hi all, Will be staying in Ross on Wye from Thursday until Monday. Is it worth taking my fly gear with me? And if so, can anyone point me in the direction of decent fishing nearby? 'm not really interested in course or salmon fishing, but would prefer o do some lake/river/stillwater fishing...
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    What is this

    Can be useful fo whipr finishing muddlers...... sweeps the deer hair out of the way
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    Welsh Llyn’s advice

    Teifi Pools definitely worth a cast! Can't help you with Elan Valley