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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    First fish of the year on the dry fly on the Usk. Fairly large white wulff after only about 20 minutes or so. Nice way to spend a couple of hours in the evening. Only got round to convincing myself to leave the house around 20:10. By the time I'd got kitted up, walked down, and got ready it...
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    Has anyone used these half waders

    I have a pair of kylebooker chest waders and they've been very durable so far. I've actually been quite surprised with the durability. They did a full season of fly fishing, then a winter on the Wye fishing for Barbel, then a bit of Winter piking on a local res.
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Finally opened my account on the rivers this year. Got down to my local to see it fairly high and rather muddy. But as it's a short walk and it was dropping, thought I'd give it a bash anyway. I'll be honest, with things being much warmer, I'd really been hoping for a nice evening of dry...
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Well as we're talking about reservoirs, I was out on Talybont reservoir today. Unlike last time, there were no fish showing anywhere which was a bit disappointing. However as I actually had a coat, I was able to fish through the rain showers and managed a nice solid couple of hours, which was...
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    I'm glad it wasn't just me. I was up in the Elan valley last week and I didn't see a sniff of any fish anywhere. Felt like it was too cold. Glad to hear that I was right.
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    Yarn indicators

    If anyone wants a meter or two of the bonnie braid yarn (cream) send me a message and I'll put some in the post for you. I've got a 90m roll of the stuff.
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    Patagonia Middle Fork Waders Regular/Small - SOLD

    Now SOLD. Patagonia Middle Fork Waders, brand new in box. Worn once in the house, to test the fit. They're the very lightweight waders that Patagonia produced a few years ago. I've gotten fat thanks to Covid, so they no longer fit. There's no sizing info for this on the patagonia website...
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    I fish Llandegfedd a few times a year. It's not like it's a really quiet place anyway. There's plenty of other water users. It's a big enough place that I doubt it'll really affect things at all. It's quite common for the anglers to be up the top when the dinghys are more in the middle. I...
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    Would you pay a annual subscription atm

    I've already paid one sub for this year. Two more to go and I'll definitely be paying them. Thankfully two of the clubs are nearby, so I'll be able to make use of them from the start of the season.
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    How do you guys do it?

    Nope not joking at all. To be honest, I've never climbed at Gogarth or Cloggy, for sure they're both great crags. When I have climbed in the pass I have liked it. Great days out on the Cromlech, Tryfan and Cadair Idris. I just enjoy Pembroke much more personally, I think the selection of...
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    How do you guys do it?

    It's the Usk. I think I'm right in saying it's a great trout river. Either way, I'm rather fond of it already. Mid-Wales is terrible for climbing. You really want to be in Pembroke, it's got the best climbing in the whole country. Tho chunks of Scotland are also pretty good. North Wales...
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    How do you guys do it?

    I used to fish when I was a kid. Always fancied fishing again and we happened to move near to a great trout river. So I started up as it was about the only outdoors hobby I fancied doing at the time. I can't see we'll move away from here, so I'd imagine when I retire we won't move away. The...
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    Seaguar Fluorocarbon

    Dom from Troutbitten recommends it. I'm going to give it a good bash next season.
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    How do you guys do it?

    I live about a 10 minute walk from the river, so it's fairly easy. Having said that I only got out about 20 times this year. I've restarted coarse fishing, so if I count those trips in, I'm getting up to about 35 trips in total. I'm not usually free till 1900, so that puts most of March and a...
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    Folding landing net for Pike?

    So while I haven't used the Snowbee net for Pike yet, I have used it a bit while spinning on the local canal and I broadly quite like it. For the price it's pretty decent. The only slight downside is that the metal clip which you use to clip it to your coat or bag isn't the strongest, so it's...