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    Saw your post just after I had ordered two lines so emailed them to ask about the free line offer and they responded and told me they would send two free lines, thanks Mrtrout :thumbs:
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    Dries for Draycote / Eyebrook

    Enjoy your trip mack, you'll have no excuse armed with all that info. You might be lucky enough to get a hatch of blobs or cats whiskers or something. :thumbs:
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    Colour of fishing clothing???

    Happy birthday mack, looks like I'll have to return the lovely jacket that I've bought for your birthday.
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    Some Good News For Irish Anglers

    1916 was a bad year here BK, you should come back, you'll find things have changed a lot. :thumbs:
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    The most awful fishing holiday

    Who was your airline? I fish in Norway every other year and have similar experiences, I actually expect my rod tube at least, to go missing, it has happened on nearly every trip. I fly with KLM as I don't have any choice in airlines. My advice to you is, don't claim off your travel insurance -...
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    Rod Tip

    Hi Mack, I have one, PM me.
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    anglers Curse.

    Caenis started hatching on Corrib about a week ago and they are early this year, maybe two weeks, but for me it's the highlight of the year. I fish the early morning hatch, 5am to midday if I'm lucky. If weather conditions are suitable, no breeze to very light you are in with a chance of the...
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    Lough Corrib / Mask

    I have to agree with you there mack, it's about time that anglers who fish these competitions realise the damage they are doing to valuable wild fish stocks, but I suppose most of them don't give a 5hit.
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    Electric boat motor

    Especially when you leave the anchor out. :eek:
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    Flashabou display stand

    I use one from this outfit. Salmo Fly Tying Furniture - Salmo Fly Tying Furniture
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    Orvis reel case

    I'll buy that off you, would you post to Ireland?
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    Lough Corrib

    Hi alderman, If you want to PM me the location of your berth I'll give you my opinion, my engine was one of five or six taken one night by our friends from the East a very nice 15 HP 2 stroke Mercury, the Police were very helpful - not :mad: Anyway best of luck with your new boat and if you ever...
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    Lough Corrib

    Best of luck with the new boat alderman - a bit of advice, don't leave your engine on. It may not be there when you get back.
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    Redington NTi

    Hi pati, I have a 9ft. for a 7 line, as new, used twice, let me know if you're interested. It's surplus to my requirements and I would be interested in letting it go.