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    Scierra SRX Competition Rod Review

    Really comprehensive report there Rob, definitely on the short list when I'm next looking for a pulling rod👍 Be interesting to see how long it lasts when you're lad gets hold of it!
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    Aaaah - thanks springwell! (y) Just ordered 2x gold lines a #3 & #7, a pack of dumbbell eyes & 4 packs of tungsten beads - Stock20 code went through so all for just over £30 delivered - crazy! It's a "suck it & see" order as I want to see what all the fuss is about so I'm in no rush regarding...
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    Thinking of trying a couple of these gold lines - I note the price is in dollars, is there a UK site or does currency convert on checkout?
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    Orvis fly tying bits - no fur n feather?

    When I last went into the Exeter store the fly fishing stuff had all been replaced with posh dog beds & accessories 😣
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    Badgers 0 Cars 8

    × My sister hit one in her triumph spitfire & it pulled her rather expensive stainless exhaust system off - is that point for the Badgers? Badger got up & ran off too - maybe a two pointer!
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    Hook recommendations

    I quite like fulling mill grab gapes - sensibly priced too at around 6 quid for 50,
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    Orvis fly tying bits - no fur n feather?

    Thanks guys - may just cash in the voucher on hooks!
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    Orvis fly tying bits - no fur n feather?

    Hi folks - just wondering if Orvis have gone soft & turned into bunny huggers on us.... Went onto the website to cash in the £25 off when you spend £50 code as I was hoping to top up my minkie strips, However - no minkie/zonker strips, no crosscut rabbit fur ..... So i looked around the site...
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    Fulling mill flouo v2

    This happened with a flouro I was Uber confident using - wychwood "competition" fluoro - awesome stuff, cheap as chips, could get it on 150m spools, you could horse in 3lbers (if you're into that), tough as cart rope & you could get away with wind knots & droppers/knots never gave...
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    Scierra SRX Competition

    I've had a few casts with my mates srx comp special #7 & found it quite pokey, definitely fast tipped & with backbone too - a good pulling rod. the closet I can compare it to is the xf2 - but it's not as stiff/fast as the xf2 comp special, Re: the difference between srx standard/comp special...
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    Fabulous fakes

    That's interesting as the magic line I had did have a bright lime green (& v thin) running line & white head, I've just done some internet research & I'm even more confused now - I didn't realise how many variants of loop Opti's there are/were! 🤔
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    Fabulous fakes

    cool - Out of interest what was the colour of the head & running line of the original?
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    Fabulous fakes

    Bugger! So the current Opti's are not same as 5 years ago?
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    Fabulous fakes

    I actually bought a loop (allegedly) line for £20 delivered of the eBay site, Probably about 5 years ago now, best floater I've ever had by miles, flew out of the rod rings with a couple of false casts, sat high in the water & laid dead straight, Unfortunately the running line is now starting to...
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    Parachute Adams

    Nice one - very neat tying, like you my eyes are going & I now stop at size 14/16 when tying! You stick to the snakes & your lad can do the small stuff! 🤪