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    Rod Licence Renewal?

    Applied fro my licence direct from Post office web site end of March, no joy to date with licence. I have however printed out receipt details which I use at fisheries if asked for licence :thumbs:
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    First little brown of the season!

    Nice little catch to the start of the season :D
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    First grayling (Finally)!

    Congratulations, first of many :thumbs::D
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    Beathable waders

    Many thanks for responses have further options. Might end up just getting Snowbee graphite neoprene chest waders instead of breathable ones :thumbs:
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    Beathable waders

    Thanks for feedback, got some options to look into :thumbs: ---------- Post added at 08:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:30 PM ---------- Bruce Many thanks :thumbs:
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    Beathable waders

    Grommit Many thanks. Do I just contact store to discuss measurements and what boot size is required? Do I also mention forum additional 10% discount? Regards Jan
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    Beathable waders

    Being treated to chest waders for Xmas. Any suggestions/review reports for stockingfoot waders for around £200
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    Maruto Dohitomi D04 back in stock

    Lucian are you still trading? If so do you still have DO4 hooks in stock?
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    Hopper Variants

    Nice variations :thumbs:
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    Faiths first fly

    Move over grandad, with her tying your days are numbered lol!!!! :D:D
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    2 more from today

    Nice creations there Laurie. I notice that Dabblers are now quite widely used on a lot of our big stillwaters, and they work well thumbs:
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    First time on a river.

    Well done that man:thumbs: May I enquire as to what your local river is? Regards Jan
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    Who's the daddy

    Your doing well, even with wing tying :thumbs:
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    River Grub :)

    Nice tying Andy, the added touch of UV resin just makes it look that bit more buggy/realisitc - the wet look :thumbs::thumbs:
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    The two greatest wet flies of all time!

    Jersey Herd and basic Invicta pattern :thumbs::thumbs: