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    A Custom-Built Bloke XL50, 11 ft #6/7 4 pc. Switch.

    Lovely build James
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    rod blanks from outside uk

    What blanks are you after?
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    rod blanks from outside uk

    Just wondered if they were for the British blue fin's
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    rod blanks from outside uk

    Are you building tuna rods?
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    rod blanks from outside uk

    4 sets of guides for £998, what precious metal are they made from?
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    Special fish this one, it lives under an overhanging willow tree and the only way to get a fly to it was a downstream dead drift, totally hidden by the willow I struck on the slurp. That'll teach him to be a noisy eater 😂
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    What makes us happy..

    Or just eat them
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    Wild Trout and Grayling fishing 2021.

    The Danica are beginning to tail off now on the little river I fish but what a few weeks it's been. Vulgata will be about for most of the summer and the sedge and terrestrials will keep the fish looking up, shaping up to be one of my best seasons
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    Dry fly tippet... Sink or float

    And who wants to spend every 30 seconds recasting, my elbows aching just thinking about it
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    First Rod Build Complete

    That's a cracking build for your first and a lovely blank you've built on too👍
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    Furled leaders

    And if Orvis did sell furled leaders I'm sure Mr Tom would have a very different narrative Mr Trouts furlies are splendid and for short rods and small streams they can't be beat
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    Adding a fighting butt

    Best thing for shaping composite and rubberised cork is a carbide chisel then finish with emory cloth, be aware both types get very hot compared to pure cork when sanding
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    Rod line wt. rating - criteria in choosing?

    Yes, if it stocked 10lb 'bows' 😉
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    Just smashed my PB

    I think the belly has been accentuated after the fish slammed into the tree behind my right shoulder
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    Just smashed my PB

    I already have been 😂