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    Guess the Item

    Taper reamer
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    Guess the Item

    Magnetic chuck
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    Guess the Item

    Lime/lemon juicer
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    Guess the Item

    Primus stove/lamp
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    Guideline DW fly vest

    I have one and like it - sufficient room for 4 fly boxes & line, Buttties in the back. Good & lightweight, and has had a fair use this year one the Spey, Tweed & Wye.
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    Peak circulation/readership figures for the UK's game fishing magazines. Anyone any idea what they were? And are now?

    You can get a subscription using Tesco Vouchers - useless for anything else, so I use mine to get a year at a time for T&S. I wouldn't spend good money on it, but as for free vouchers - well, £30 or so in vouchers will get you about £56 in subscription. Don't tell the wife though, or she'll...
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    Salmon fishing on River Ure

    there's a video on there by MCX, have a search for that.
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    Effect of Barometric Pressure on fishing

    It's well researched, you should all read this book Very thought provoking!
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    Bristol FDG

    1st Post Lockdown meeting is on 1st September at Redhill Village Hall, just off the A38 south of the airport.
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    Hardy Ultralite Disc help.

    I have one I bought at auction and did exactly that to reverse the drag, took a matter of minutes. It is a beautiful reel, one of the best and least well known of Hardys.
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    The Fly Tiers Guild, Date confusion?

    If you look at the date of the post, it was 2017. Probably out of date.
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    Making a Bogdan copy

    Thanks James, I won't be doing spools this year - too busy with vices & fishing, and anyway, it's easier to just pull off the shooting head and reload another, takes but seconds. Jim
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    Making a Bogdan copy

    The reel went to the Spey last week and had a lovely 15 Lb salmon. It behaved beautifully.
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    Make it yourself in lockdown

    You could make the reel?