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    How do you get your fish home?

    How do you all get your fish home? Where I fish they supply carrier bags, so I put a bit of lake water in the bag with my fish and tie a knot in the bag. I'm lucky, in that my local water is only a fifteen minute drive from my house. Normally, I will fish a four hour ticket, which entitles me...
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    Well that's Annoying

    Glad to hear that you got some of your stuff back, and they caught the guy! Russ
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    Norton Fishery, Essex

    Really hard fishing today (Sunday 22nd March 2020). Strong Easterly wind not making things easy. One brown trout for me, and that was it for the day! Russ
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    What have you been up to today then? (Fly fishing related)

    As a complete novice at fly tying, I think that looks great for your first try.
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    Nightmare days fishing!

    I went to Norton Fishery today for a catch and release session. The weather was not that good, but I took the chance to get out fishing just in case I have to stay indoors and start tying my own flies! The place was very busy, so it seems people had the same idea as me. It was windy for me...
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    How to videos

    Thank you, I will certainly look at that
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    How to videos

    Thank you Jason, the next time I get some solo time with the TV I will look for these.
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    How to videos

    As a beginner to fly fishing, I like to watch videos to help me understand what I should and should not be doing. The problem I am finding, is that on YouTube, it appears to be videos of people fishing! No mention of what line, fly, etc they are using and why. I am catching quite well at the...
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    Booked a Lesson at Chew

    Fully understandable in this current climate. But, once everything is back to normal, you can rebook your lesson, and they will be happy for your business.
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    Club Issues

    From what I have read, you did really well not to knock him out! Seeing as this fishery is so close to you it would be a shame to miss out fishing it! The committee member should maybe become an ex-committee member at the next AGM If you fish a large dry fly with a couple of flies underneath...
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    Tip of floating line sinking!

    Thank you for all your advice. I should have mentioned that this line if probably ten years old. When we were going to Cornwall on holiday, one of our group mentioned the fly fishing, so I bought myself a 'Ready to go' kit.
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    Tip of floating line sinking!

    I have purchased on to these lines. For the price I paid it was worth it just to see if they are any good or not!
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    Tip of floating line sinking!

    Thank you for that advice, I had not thought of that!
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    The Fishing Show - The Great Yorkshire Show Ground, Harrogate 8th & 9th June

    I was at the Great Yorkshire Show last year. We went on the first day and I had a casting lesson for five pounds. Then I watched the fly casting demonstration. It was a good show and watching them demonstrate casting with a fly rod, broom handle, wooden spoon and then with just their hand...
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    Tip of floating line sinking!

    Thank you for the advice, I have bought myself a new floating fly line. Russ