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    Working day in Auckland!

    Think we've only touched the surface Mike! :thumbs: Exciting being at the edge of a whole new ff frontier! Cheers, Brent.
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    Gill netting of Pike on lough Corrib 2012

    JJ, This is the same Mr Forde whom under his watch as head of the WRFB saw the decimation of the Lough Corrib eel population for commercial gain with no scientific grounding... with blanket netting of the Corrib River for years around the eel spawning season. The Corrib eel numbers per tonnage...
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    Lough Corrib

    Hey boss hope your well mate and primed for a new season... sorry we never got that last fluff chuck together. :thumbs: Hey JJ, Hope you and the young family are in great form... I'm sure you will grace the south pacific some time soon. I don't get down to the SI much but I manage to scrape a...
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    Lough Corrib

    I thought it was a more eloquent than calling modern Ireland the EU's *****...:o
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    Lough Corrib

    Well a new angling season is upon ye all on the Great Western Loughs of Ireland... traditional lough style, multiple hatches, and a thousand churning, gliding drifts on the beautiful cyan, wild mistress you have called Lough Corrib. My heart still lies on one of her many Islands... and though I...
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    Rod weight

    Is that you Matt Hayes? Sounds just like him...:)
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    Bassas Da India - Uncharted Water

    Jesus JAT, your up late, what time is it over your way.;)
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    Bassas Da India - Uncharted Water

    Great report! Your old man looks like he's enjoying the prostate check your giving him! Big thumbs up. :thumbs:
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    Bassas Da India - Uncharted Water

    I'm loving this thread... I pop in daily for my big fish fly fix - like a crystal meth junky! Thanks for taking the time and please keep it coming... amazing place! :thumbs:
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    Australian Ultra Light SWFF

    Targeting kingies or kahawai on anything less than a 8wt is not wise... yellow eye mullet on a 4wt is great fun. :thumbs:
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    Pike 2011

    To both Danny and Wilkie... very well done boys on your pike efforts... Your two fisherman with a great outlook and angling ethic and you deserve the angling spoils for all your efforts. Well done to you both, magnificent pike for two passionate and skilled sportsmen... keep them coming for...
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    Pike fly fishing on Lough Corrib.

    Oh I have seen the former fisheries boards work on many levels with many agendas... to have an 'educated opinion' how the shiiiite flies on Corrib and who it sticks to... ;) By the way the view points, ethics and holistic course/game attitudes towards fisheries management the boys in the...
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    Pike fly fishing on Lough Corrib.

    'Predator control'... 'fisheries management'... 'Lough Corrib one of the most important fisheries in Europe'... do these statements sit easily together - especially in context to the Western Lakes ongoing plight of total foookin mismanagement. I don't think so. I don't think mentioning fisheries...
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    Pike fly fishing on Lough Corrib.

    Tomasz Kurman from Corrib Predator Team (the best pike and ferox guide on Corrib) asked me to guide clients for him for pike on the fly from both boat and kayak. Sadly it was not to be. 'Tomi's' techniques and approach to pike/ferox on Corrib are light years ahead of traditional trolling...
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    I would like to thank...

    Sound like a dramatic day, I hope your on the mend and your parrot isn't too shaken up. :(