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    How big is yours?

    Fascinating piece of work Col, well played ! How about Kennick and Burrator reservoirs in Devon ? Also separating Farmoors 1 and 2 as they are 2 separate fisheries.
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    Thoughts on the Redditch Tackle Fair – November 2021

    Some love the whole vintage tackle thing, it leaves others cold. Each to their own, no rights and wrongs. Looks like a good show anyway.
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    Old split shot tin

    If anyone's tempted to make a comeback to coarse fishing using split lead shot then please be careful, at least in England. Split lead shot, at least in the popular sizes, has been illegal here since about 1990. The tungsten replacements work perfectly well.
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    Rare bluefin tuna found washed up on shore of Highland loch

    The Angling Trust has been across this for some time. The reason for the relatively recent return of bluefin tuna is due to a long term climate swing in the North Atlantic;. The inaugural catch and release tagging programme started this year off the south...
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    Fishing from Grafham Dam Suspended and under threat !

    It's long been necessary to keep your wits about you when bank fishing at Farmoor, specially on a nice day. There's quite heavy traffic of casual walkers, runners and bird watchers going round the lakes. Looking left and right before casting and/or timing the casts in lulls between the groups...
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    How Did We Ever?

    Take a look at the colour plate of Dr Bell's (of Blagdon) flies in Adrian Freer's excellent book on the subject. They originated between the 1920s and 1940s, but with the single caveat that some should be weighted and some not, I would happily venture out onto an English lake fishery with that...
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    LOM 5/11/21

    Looks like some great late season big-water fishing. Well played Jim...
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    The Letters of Reverend E C Alston

    Adrian Freer has done some good work in respect of "angling heroes of the past whose memory we should rescue before it is too late" over the last few years with his books about Dr Bell of Blagdon, and he's recently published one about Tom Ivens as well. I have the "Dr Bell's Trout Flies" book...
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    The Letters of Reverend E C Alston

    There's a reference to meeting Revd. Alston in Ireland on pages 68 to 70 of Bernard Venables' 1993 book "The illustrated memoirs of a fisherman" - also Alston's astonishing collections of shotguns and cased fish.
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    Fishing the F Fly

    +1 from me, but as Col says each to their own...
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    5wt fly rod

    +1 from me for the Guideline Elevation. My own was bought for heavier work on reservoirs than the guys who have posted above, but I am very impressed by its action, build quality and ability to throw a long, straight line.
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    Passion for Pure Rivers

    Agreed about The Undertones, but I would argue Feargal's finest work was "Never never" from late 1983, where he took lead vocals for The Assembly, a venture of Vince Clarke. Superb...
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    Passion for Pure Rivers

    I'm delighted he's fighting the corner for clean rivers. Power to your elbow, Feargal.
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    Weighing It All Up

    Keep the humour going please guys. We don't want a case of "....this winter looks like it's going to be another long one" (Phil Collins, in The roof is leaking, from "Face Value", his best album).
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    Weighing It All Up

    Have to say WJ has nailed it here. There's plenty more important things for anglers to get their boxers in a bunch about than whether or not others choose to weigh or measure their best fish, as long as it's done quickly and the fish safely returned.