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    Modern cane rod 6'-7' 6" 3 or 3-4 wt (Found 1, thanks)

    Hi All I'm after 1 of these, ideally with 2 tips and a medium action Thanks Kevin
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    River fishing in and around Reading - Kennet/Thames/Loddon

    Hi Andy I'm also a Gresham member and would highly recommend it, though there is currently a waiting list and a joining fee If you're willing to travel a bit there's Salibury & District at 1/2 the price but many more members. I think they had quite a few members not renew last year because of...
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    Rawson Glass Rod

    Hello all I'm looking to swap this for a cane or glass 3-4 wt, ideally 7' or 7' 6" as I'm mostly fishing smaller rivers and streams (Loddon and Lyde tomorrow) Or p/ex for something Thanks Kevin
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    Yorkshire Waters

    Hi Hi PA Is this the Kilnsey AC waters? Kevin
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    Angling Oral History Project I though this might be of interest It's mostly anglers talking to camera for a few minutes or over an hour for Jeremy Wade Mostly it's US skewed but there are people from all over the world
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    Second World War Novels A chilling read
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    Split-Cane rods;

    This may be of interest: To Cane a Trout, 1974; from the BFI free archive
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    My Fishing Mate Whitehouse

    Thanks for this John I remember your fishing groups at Galibori and especially when 1 of the party carried a fish up to your hut to be weighed, the evening you were spending with your ex I always fished there with a friend who had lots of stories on the river even if not catching and it made...
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    Richard Ward fly line

    I'm very happy to have it for a small river in the south where a 4wt is very useful Let me know Kevin
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    will my #7 weight be ok for targeting carp

    I use an 8wt with a 10lb leader and still last week couldn't keep a couple of wild carp away from the lilies
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    Yorkshire Dales in about a month

    Hi Steve The tackle shop at Hawes was doing day tickets last year; also the post office in Grassington for the Wharfe nearby Kilnsey Cafe/lake has stillwater fishing; the Kilnsey Club has fishing on the Wharfe and Skirfare and was operating from the cafe but it's phone bookings only at the...
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    Sage Graphite 111 590 RPL, 2 piece, 2 7/8oz, £225 posted

    A lightly used rod bought by me new when in Boston in 1997 via an 'etailer' on the cusp of the internet. My sister-in-law posted a US cheque and I got this when she came over as the rod hadn't arrived by the time I left. Unmarked with original bag and tube I use my Grey's Streamflex all the...
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    Are strike indicators taboo on chalkstreams?

    On some waters if they are not specifically disallowed you can use them. I regard it as float fishing but many people 'fish to the rules'. I did ask the bailiff on the Avon once, about another angler using a big piece of foam above a nymph and he just said 'it's not disallowed' I watch the...
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    A river in flood.

    Cast into the slack water behind a rock or stump or on the inside of a bend maybe
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    Barbed or not.

    I'm all for barbless Oddly in the carp world (I've been fly fishing for them) there are some fisheries that insist on barbed! I though it was a mistake on their website, but no; apparently there's an argument that barbless hooks move about in the mouth and do more damage