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    Pheasant Tail Emerger parachute

    Great fly, great video, great work, appreciated thanks
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    French leader for nymphing and dries

    Baztek it was the enhanced turnover leader that I use, if I am fishing nymphs and spot rising fish I just change tippet and fly, if I the conditions are windy and I was not wanting to swap around I would use my dry set up. Cheers Kevin
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    French leader for nymphing and dries

    I understand you want build your own, but fish on productions sell the best French leader on the market in my view, French nymph, duo , trio , and dry fly same leader no problems with it.
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    Midge and caddis

    Like both of those lovely
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    FlyTek Fly Fishing - is this a joke company or just a scam?

    I emailed to be informed when an out of stock, item came in, no reply must i have been lucky.
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    10' four weights - any thoughts?

    I have a streamflek 10ft 4wt if you want to try it you can pm me I think you fish the goyt I live Stockport way Cheers Kevin
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    Snap Link and Swivel, what size to store Tippet Rings.

    Great idea I have them on a safety pin, but never thought to thread them on the pin I usually drop half of them on the ground, and then chuck the rest up the field out of frustration, saved me money there. CHEERS Kevin
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    Flies for Alaska

    Many thanks vermontdrifter will do Kevin
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    Flies for Alaska

    Thanks for your reply. Since placing the post I have spoken to a few people and they have all answered the same as your friend it seems a good variety of sizes is important as well so i better get tying. Many thanks again devenish1 cheers Kevin,
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    Flies for Alaska

    Hi there looking for a bit of help my cousin is going to Alaska grayling fishing on the alagnak river want to tie him a few flies dry and nymphs if any one can help with types or size it would be great . Cheers Kevin.
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    Slovenia, where to stay & fish ?

    Steven there is a guide called Andy buckley, he did a blog of his holiday in Slovenia it showed his hotel by a river in that, or try to contact him hes always on social media he has a fishing girlfriend called lena she posts on facbook aswell hope this helps Kevin
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    Slovenia, where to stay & fish ?

    I have not fished in Slovenia, but if you were to book a guide they would pick you up from the airport take you to your hotel and take you fishing each day, it might work out a bit more, but I'm sure it would save you time and you would see and visit more rivers for the kind of fishing you...
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    Fishing kit insurance

    Being quite forgetful, I have driven away from fishing twice In the last 3 years leaving my rod propped up on a fence, returned both times to find they had gone claimed on my house insurance no problem both times, so I would check your policy before taking a fishing insurance out.
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    Waders good for walking?

    Had vision ikons zip front very comfortable , also snowbee worth looking at they lasted well.
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    What do you carry fly and tippet wise for river trout

    Stroft gets my vote, only use this.